Wood Chippers have become an excellent way for us to dispose of our garden waste. They are great for chipping down twigs, branches, and even some large waste too. It used to be the norm for wood chippers to be powered by petrol engines. Every time you did some garden work, and had to dispose of some waste, you’d fill up the entire street with the smell of petrol fumes. Not to mention all the money you’d spend filling up the petrol tank over and over again.

Thankfully, modern technology has created a new way to satisfy our wood chipping needs. Electric Wood Chippers give us everything a petrol one does, but without all the negatives. They provide excellent results and an unparalleled ease of access.

Electric Wood Chippers are an essential tool for any gardener. If you’re often out in your garden, doing work, then it’s recommended you buy one. The problem is, buying an Electric Wood Chipper can be complicated if you’ve never done it before. That’s why I’m here, to help provide you with a guide. I’ll tell you everything you need to look out for when buying the best Electric Wood Chipper.

Main things to consider

Not all wood chippers are the same; some are a lot better than others. The key to finding the best one is by looking at some elements of the machine. In this section, I’ll talk about the top things to consider, and why they’re necessary.

Power & Construction

There is a great deal of difference in the size and power of some wood chippers on the market. You can purchase ones that are extremely lightweight and only handle small items. These machines are ideal for people that don’t have a large quantity of garden waste. Perhaps you only have a few twigs that need to be disposed of? A lightweight model serves this purpose; there’s no need to go any bigger if you don’t need it.

However, you also find residential models that are quite large and can handle thicker tree branches, etc. If you have a large garden, and end up with thick tree branches that need chipping, then you’ll need a machine like this. Naturally, the size and power of a model will impact its price. The smaller, lightweight, ones are typically the cheapest on the market.


Obviously, one of the main things you want to consider is how the device performs. It’s easy for a manufacturer to list all the performance specs on their website. But, how do you know if it will stand up to these numbers? The only way to know for sure is to look at how it performs in people’s back gardens. Take a look at consumer reviews of different models, to see if their performance is really what the manufacturer claims. If people already own the product, they can tell you everything that’s good and bad about it. They might tell you that a certain model is powerful, but the blades need to be sharpened regularly. You could also search for videos of the wood chipper to see it being used. The key performance issues to look out for are; how it handles multiple branches, how it performs with wet debris, and how long it lasts for. You don’t want to buy a wood chipper that will only last you a few months. Think of one as an investment, something you want to have for years and years.

Special Features

All Electric Wood Chippers come with a variety of special features. These are things that are designed to try and make it more appealing. Manufacturers will often come up with features to separate their product from the rest. A lot of top models will boast things like a bag to help collect all of the wood chippings, minimizing the mess. There are also some that come with multiple blades, so you can chop and change depending on what you’re chipping. An important feature to look out for is the reduction ratio of the wood chipper. This refers to the volume of what you started with compared to what you finish with. Ideally, you want a chipper that has a good reduction ratio of around 20:1. You’re looking for something that reduces the input as much as possible.

I fully recommend you take a look at the safety features that a wood chipper can boast too. Some come with safety cut-out’s that prevent the motor from burning out when jammed. There are also a few with measures in place to stop you poking your finger into the blades. You should pay close attention to all of the special features a model has, as they can be the thing that makes one more appealing than others.


Personally, whenever I buy something, I like to look at the brands. Buying from a respectable, experienced company is comforting. You feel like you can trust their products, and know that they’ll be well-built. In the wood chipping world, there are a few big brands that you can watch out for.

Earthquake is one of the leading brands and have been making gardening equipment for years. They’re well known for providing great products that last for a very long time. Plus, they sell replacement parts for any models, in case things break by accident.

Sun Joe is another brand that you should look out for. They design and create innovative outdoor tools to help your garden stay beautiful. With a wealth of experience, you can be sure that their wood chippers are of a high quality.

LawnMaster is the third and final brand I recommend you look out for. They were founded in the 90’s and had over 19 years worth of experience. Their wood chippers are well built and very affordable.


I’ll end this guide with a few final thoughts to sum everything up. If you want the best Electric Wood Chipper, then you need to consider everything mentioned above. You can use our product recommendation table above for a rundown of the best wood chippers currently on the market.