If you take your workouts seriously and you are looking to build and tone muscle then one of the bodybuilder’s secrets is weighted vests, apart from a good workout routine, the correct weights and also correct execution of the exercises as well of course. When you get to a certain level you are always looking for that ‘edge’ that will boost your workout and the results that you get from it. One of the ways you can do this is with a weighted vest.

The great thing is that you will be able to pick up weighted vests quite reasonably online and they should not break the bank in terms of expense, however that said there are a lot of them out there and you want to make sure that you get one that will give you results.

Here at ConsumerEssentials we have complied the top 5 weighted vests together and also our top 2 recommendations if you are looking to buy something that will give you great results, a great deal, fast delivery and something that you will be happy with.

Our reviews and recommended products have been compiled online by looking at the customer feedback across the web and also looking at the various stockists so you know where to order from with confidence and also where you will get the best deals.

What To Look For In A Weighted Vest?

If you are looking for a weighted vest you need to bear in mind a few things to make sure you get a good one that will last and give you the style and the weight that you need. We will give you the main things to look for to make sure that you get one that you will love. The first thing is:

The Weight

This is the most obvious thing with any weighted vest but you should try to make sure the weight suits the sort of exercise you are doing. If you are walking then you might want to start off with a lighter vest and then as you get fitter and stronger you can move up in weight.

You will also want to make sure that any vest you pick has easily adjustable weights and make sure where possible that you will be able to evenly distribute the weight as that will help with the resistance and also make sure that you don’t end up lopsided.


This goes hand in hand with the weight and you will want to have a look at a few different styles to make sure you get one that you will like. They come in different styles and you will see some of our above choices will give you a large weighted vest and some others are built for comfort. As a rule we recommend that you start with one that will let you breathe and be a bit suppler and you will be able to use this for the majority of exercise activities. If you want something that is really heavy duty we would recommend going for a large weighted vest like our 2nd choice.

Easily Adjustable

We have tried to make our choices easily adjustable and you will need this if you want a good weighted vest. Something to bear in mind is that part from the weights, make sure that you can add them in increments as that will allow you to set the load depending on what you are doing.

Also, remember that you should set the weights evenly and not all at the front or the back and some of the weighted vests we have reviewed will give you a compartment for a mobile phone or mp3 player.


This is of course another consideration and you will find that you can get budget weighted vests quite reasonably but we recommend that you look more at the features and make sure that they fit with your needs before the price and then you will know that you are getting something you can use.