Soft tip darts are the best alternative to steel tipped darts. The main difference between the two types of dart tips is their applicability to the dart board that is being played on.

Electronic dart boards and plastic ones require the use of soft tip darts, because the dart boards already have many small holes for the tip to enter. In the case of older style dart boards, a much harder steel tipped dart is necessary to penetrate the board successfully and stick on the board without falling out again.

Due to the different materials used, a soft tipped dart weighs either 16 grams or 18 grams. Several manufacturers will offer the choice to players of either weight for the same dart product. By contrast, steel tipped darts can weigh from 20 grams right up to 50 grams, though 20-30 grams is typical.

The dart shaft of each dart is different. Darts are often made from tungsten, steel or brass, while occasionally a wooden dart can be purchased too (wooden darts weigh the least). The brass, composed of zinc and nickel, is the lightest type. A nickel-silver dart, comprised of nickel, zinc and copper darts, is also fairly light and easy to use. Tungsten is a good choice for players who wish to better control their accuracy on the dart board. The mix of tungsten to nickel can be selected, with a 90/10, 80/20 and 70/30 tungsten-nickel mix being the most popular options.

The barrel, where the player grips the dart before throwing it, often has a material added for additional control, like rubber or a composite material. There are ridges in many grips to let the fingers properly get purchase on the dart before release.

What’s Included With Best Soft Tip Darts

Due to the different materials used, a soft tipped dart weighs either 16 grams or 18 grams. Several manufacturers will offer the choice to players of both weights for the same dart model. By contrast, steel tipped darts can weigh from 20 grams right up to 50 grams, though 20-30 grams is most typical.

Most models of soft tip darts come in a range of colors. Players have their particularly favorites and often won’t play with a colored dart that they don’t like.

A set of soft tip darts will be sold in a plastic package or small case to protect them from damage.

Typically, the number of lightweight colored flights will match the number of shafts that is included with the package. It is possible to buy replacement flights, either to match the design of the dart chosen, or alternatives that are more appealing and still fit with the overall design and color scheme of the select dart style.

Soft tips come in two widths at the barrel opening. The first is ¼-inch and the second is known as 2ba. The 2ba width variety is by far the most popular choice by dart players. Given that most players use the 2ba variety, should a soft tip break in the middle of a game and the player not have a replacement available, it’s quite possible that their opponent might have a spare 2ba tip to offer so the match finds a winner.

What To Know Before Making a Purchase

For new players who are looking to play a game of darts at a local bar or club, the first thing they should do is to take a look at the venue to see whether they’re using digital, plastic, or old fashioned dartboards. In the case of the first two, soft tip darts will be the right choice with a new purchase. With old fashioned dart boards, hard tipped darts will be needed to play a game at the venue.

In a situation where there is an expectation of playing on different types of boards, then it is a good idea to buy a set of soft tip darts and hard tip darts to be ready for all occasions.

Other Considerations

See if you can borrow a set of darts for a friendly match. This way, it’s possible to see what weight would be preferred before buying darts of your own. This advice is certainly true for hard tip darts, but is also relevant for the soft tipped variety too.

Best Brands

Viper is a darts brand of GLD Products. They have their first retail store in Portland, Oregon where they sell darts, dart flights, dart boards, and oak cabinets for dart boards.

Billiard Evolution, based in New England, make a wide selection of attractive products for the consumer market. These include darts, colorful air hockey pucks, Foosball men, pool ball key chains, pool cue protectors, air hockey pushers, and brass sort tip darts.

CueSoul, from CUESoul Sports Inc., is based on the enjoyment of playing billiards and shooting darts. Their aim is to maximize the fun that each player enjoys when using their products.

Arachnid began the trend towards soft tip dart boards. The brand is also well known for their electronic dart boards and ultimate board kits with darts, board, scoreboard, and wall fixtures.

What Consumers Say

Taking a look at consumers’ reviews, these are a few of the opinions most often voiced by buyers:

Grip sleeves: It depends on the manufacturer whether when grip sleeves begin to wear out any replacements can be found. In many cases, the player needs to buy a replacement dart set.

Fading colors: The bright colored designs on dart flights often fade over time. This is something to be aware of when playing regularly. Don’t leave the darts lying around in the direct sunlight; store them away safely.

Flight sizes: Not all flights are built the same. Some are larger than others and catch more air when in flight. It is possible to buy separate flights for players who prefer larger versions. Smaller, lighter flights will suit people with smaller hands.

Larger hands: Players with larger hands will enjoy playing more with thicker barrels and darts with a little more heft to them. Consider nickel silver plated or brass construction materials to increase the weight.