You love your dog, and training him and keeping him protected are both very important parts of responsible pet ownership. A shock collar is a tool that can help you achieve both of these things. Finding the best shock collar for your dog can be a bit of a challenge, though. There are so many options available that it can be hard to determine which one is the best and properly suit your needs and the needs of your four legged family member.

To help you find the best shock collar, we have put together this handy buyer’s guide. In this guide, we highlight the different types of shock collars, the factors that you should take into consideration when purchasing a shock collar, the different features that these collars can offer, as well as the best shock collar brands. With this useful information, you will be able to find the right shock collar that will do the best job for you and for your dog.

Types of Shock Collars

There are four main types of shock collars, which include:

Each of these shock collars offers different benefits and are designed to be used to achieve different goals. For those two reasons, it is important to understand the differences between each type of shock collar so that you can choose the best one for your needs and the needs of your dog.

The Continuous Stimulation Shock Collar

As the name suggests, this type of shock collar emits an electric pulse for as long as you are pressing down on the button that operates it. The continuous stimulation shock collar is best used if you are doing on site obedience training, as it will provide you with a great deal of control. For example, if you are teaching your dog not to jump when people walk in the house, this collar can help you achieve your goal because you will be able to deliver the stimulation that is necessary during your training session.

The Momentary Stimulation Shock Collar

The momentary stimulation shock collar delivers a momentary pulse of energy, delivering a short shock to your dog’s neck. It doesn’t matter how long you keep your finger on the button of the remote control that operates the collar, the electric stimulation will only be delivered once. If you want to deliver another stimulation, you will have to take your finger off the button and press it again. The momentary stimulation shock collar is best suited for correcting your dog’s behavior; for example, excessive biting or begging from the table.

The Barking Shock Collar

The barking shock collar is designed to send out a small vibration of energy every time the dog barks. The vibration of energy is delivered to your dog’s neck in the form of mild and short shock. The purpose of the collar is to teach your dog that excessive barking is not acceptable. The barking shock collar is ideal if your dog barks a lot and you want to correct his behavior.

The Obedience Shock Collar

The obedience shock collar is used during behavioral training with your dog. A remote is used to operate the shock, and it allows you to determine when the shock will be delivered to your dog’s neck, and it also manages the intensity of the shock.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Shock Collar

There are a number of factors that you should take into consideration when choosing a shock collar for your dog. You want to make sure that you choose the one that will be the most effective and will be the most comfortable for your dog, which is why taking a number of factors into consideration before you choose one is so important. Some of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a shock collar include ease of use, the type of breed your dog is and the battery life, among other things. To learn more about the factors that we think are the most important when choosing a shock collar for your dog, please keep on reading.

Your Dog’s Breed

One of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing a shock collar is the breed that your dog is. Why? – Because different breeds of dogs exhibit different behaviors, which means that they require different training techniques, and different shock collars are designed to achieve different behavioral objectives.

Your Dog’s Comfort

Another extremely important factor to take into consideration when choosing a shock collar is your dog’s comfort level. You want the collar to deliver enough of a shock to alert your dog; however, you don’t want it to deliver too much of a shock that it will hurt your dog. Make sure you determine your dog’s sensitivity level so that you can purchase the shock collar that will work the most effectively for him.

Your Dog’s Size

You want to make sure that the shock collar your purchase for your dog will fit him. For that reason, you want to make sure you factor your dog’s size into consideration when purchasing a collar for him. You don’t want to buy one that is too tight, but you also don’t want to buy one that is too loose.

Your Training Needs

What are your training needs? Are you using the shock collar to correct your dog’s barking or another behavior? Are you using it to teach him commands? Your training needs are important, as they will determine what type of shock collar you will need.

The Range of the Shock Collar

If you intend on purchasing a shock collar that will be operated by a remote, you should also consider the range of the shock collar; in other words, how far away the remote can be without impacting the operation of the collar.

The Intensity of the Shock

You also want to consider the intensity of the shock that the collar will deliver. The intensity of the shock that the collar delivers is determined by the power and the voltage of the collar, how long the current lasts and how often the shock is administered.

The Battery Life

The best shock collars have rechargeable batteries, which means that you won’t have to spend additional money on new batteries. Find out how long the battery charge lasts before you have to charge the collar, as this will impact the length of time your training sessions will be.

Ease of Use

The best shock collars are also easy to use. They come with easy to understand instructions and their removes are easy to operate.

The Price

Another factor that you are going to want to take into consideration when choosing a shock collar is the price. These collars can vary widely in price, with those that offer the most advanced settings and the most options being the most expensive. Make sure you know how much you want to spend before you start shopping so that you don’t spend more than you want to.

Features Shock Collars Offer

Shock collars can come equipped with a wide range of features. These features are intended to make the collar easier to use and more effective for your training goals. As mentioned above, the more features that a shock collar offers, the more expensive it will be. It is important to understand the different features that a shock collar can be equipped with so that you can purchase the best one for your specific needs.

Here’s a look at some of the most common features that shock collars can offer.

Different Settings

Shock collars can feature a variety of settings. These settings can be used to modify the intensity of the shock and the length of time the shock is delivered. They can also be used to adjust the modes; for example, a shock collar may be able to make beeping noises or different tones, in addition to delivering a shock. These settings make the shock collar more versatile and will provide you with more training options.

Water Resistant

If you are going to be training your dog in or near the water, you should look for one that is water resistant. Shock collars that can resist water will allow you to do your training in or near the water without having to worry about the collar harming the dog, and without having to worry that the collar will malfunction.

Walkie Talkie

Some shock collars come equipped with a walkie talkie. You speak into the walkie talkie and the message is delivered to your dog via a microphone attached to the collar. This feature will allow you to use and teach your dog commands while you are training him so that he understands them when the collar is not in use, thus making your training efforts more effective.

LCD Screen

Some shock collars can also feature an LCD screen on the remote control and on the collar itself. With this feature, you can easily adjust the settings of the collar so that you can ensure it will deliver the most effective results.

A Warranty

The best shock collars come complete with a warranty. These warranties can protect the construction of the collar; should the collar malfunction or should a component break, the warranty will allow you to have the collar replaced or repaired, or it could even allow you to have your money reimbursed.

The Best Shock Collar Brands

When you start shopping for a shock collar, you are going to find that there are dozens of manufacturers to choose from. With so many options, it can be difficult to determine which brand is the best. We have compared user reviews and have tested out shock collars from several manufacturers, too. Our findings indicate that the following shock collars are the best of the best.

Pro Trainer

This company produces shock collars that offer the most advanced technologies and durable construction. Pro Trainer shock collars boast an array of feature, including walkie talkie, LCD screens, and a waterproof construction, as well as a warranty. We liked how easy the Pro Trainer shock collars were to use and how effective they were.

Pet Tech

Another manufacturer that produces high quality dog collars is Pet Tech. This company offers a wide range of shock collars, which boast a number of features, including walkie talkies, LCD screens, customizable settings and waterproof construction.

Pat Pet

Pat Pet shock collars are hailed some of the best by those who use them. Users have reported that Pat Pet shock collars are highly effective and that they offer a durable construction and a wide range of helpful features.

Pet Safe

Pet Safe is one of the largest producers of shock training collars in the world. This company uses state of the art technologies and the most advanced materials to deliver high quality, long lasting, very durable shock collars that provide outstanding results.

Dog Widgets

Dog Widgets produces high quality shock collars at affordable prices. Their collars are constructed of highly durable materials and offer a wide variety of features that make them an incredibly effective training tool.


Lastly, we found that the shock collars produced by Dogtra are also of exceptional quality. This company offers various types of dog collars that offer a host of options and are very easy to customize to your specific training needs.