Scroll saws are powerful tools that are primarily designed to create decorative lines or patterns into wood. These nifty gadgets are mostly used for creating many awesome wood designs by woodworkers. There are plenty of different models available, too. Big-name tool companies including DeWalt, Hegner, Excalibur, Eclipse, Ryobi, and Craftsman all have scroll saw models in their tool lines. The cost of one is usually somewhere between $100 and $2,000.

Finding the right scroll saw for your own needs can be tough. There are many different types, tons of different models, each one has a very different cost, and more. If you aren’t that familiar with the machines, all of the technical jargon can be rather confusing, too. No worries, though, the Consumer Essentials team is here to help. Down the page you’ll find our top 5 list which will help you pick out the best saw for your needs and goals.

We’ve extensively tested dozens of scroll saws from many different companies to determine which ones perform the best, which are the most durable, and which are the best all-around. Below, you’ll see our full list of what we believe are the best scroll saws on the market today. Use the information in this list to help you narrow down your selection and make an educated purchase.

The Ultimate Guide to Purchasing a Scroll Saw

Finding the right scroll saw for your personal needs can be tricky. There are tons of different models available, many have different features, some are designed for thinner pieces of wood, others can cut thicker slabs, the prices vary wildly… all of this can really send your head spinning. This is why it’s so hard for woodworking enthusiasts to find the ideal saw for their projects.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an amateur hobbyist, we can help you. Below, we’ve outlined a few of the most important things to look for in a good scroll saw. This information is designed to help you narrow down your selection and find the saw that is right for your projects and your wallet. Use this information to pick out the best scroll saw based on the materials you use, the level of precision you need, and, of course, your personal budget.

Multiple Speeds

One of the biggest features to keep an eye out for is a saw that has variable speeds. With different materials (both wood and even plastic-based) you need different speeds to make precise cuts and elegant designs. In other words, there is no “one size fits all” speed for any project.

That’s why it’s important to find a scroll saw that offers multiple speed levels. Most of the high-quality ones do. Generally speaking, the bigger the speed range, the better. Most brands offer settings between 400 strokes per minute to 1,500 strokes per minute or more. The more options you have, the more flexible the saw is and that’s definitely something to put on your must-have list.

Durable Design

With any tool you buy, whether it’s for intricate work or simple cutting, you need to make sure you purchase a unit that is built to last. You’ll find that with cheaper models the internal and external parts tend to wear out much more quickly. This means having to repair or replace parts frequently. Plus, you’ll wind up having to replace the entire saw earlier than you’d like, too.

Quality scroll saws are made of durable materials that are designed to stand the test of time. You’ll definitely want to make sure the model you pick out has a heavy, stable base, good blades, and reliable parts. This not only ensures that the saw will last you a while, but it also helps to reduce vibrations which allows you to make delicate cuts with better precision.

Blades and Tables

As mentioned above, you definitely want to make sure you buy a saw that has quality blades. Good blades make cuts easier and last a lot longer. Additionally, though, you want to look for saw that allows you to swap out blades with ease. Some older and lower-quality versions require that you use tools to take out and replace the blades within the saw. Higher-quality models, on the other hand, give you a much faster, tool-free approach. These make changing blades a breeze which is always a plus.

Another thing to keep an eye out for is the size and features of the saw table. The table needs to be a decent size to accommodate your materials and it needs to be sturdy to provide support while you’re making your cuts. Extra features such as the ability to tilt for beveled cuts are also great to have. These features are found on most scroll saws but the best ones tend to have more solid tables and better tilt functionality.