If you are sick of speed guns on the highway and you are constantly checking bridges and lay-by for over enthusiastic speed control police then you will want to read this page carefully. We are going to run through the top Radar detectors you can buy and what they are used for and some of the features.

Of course we are not condoning speeding at all, however you will find that a lot of the time these lasers can get you going 5km/ 10km over the speed limit and be VERY unforgiving.

So, when reading through bear in mind we are not suggesting you use the highway as a race track but if you can use a good radar detector to drive confidently without fear of getting an expensive fine they are well worth the money!

Here at ConsumerEssentials we have put together our choices by looking at the features, the price and of course in this case, the effectiveness of each one and have suggested our choices based on the merits of each one. We have also had a close look at the customer opinions around the web so you can see what people are saying about these products both good and bad and used this to make sure you are getting the best choice.

This way you know when you pick a radar detector it will be reliable, accurate and something that will not break the bank.

How To Choose A Radar Detector

We will now look at a few points that will help you to pick a radar detector and this will help you pick one depending on where you drive and also the features that you need to have.

Different Types

There are 3 main types of radar detector and these are corded, cordless and remote mount. The corded detectors will mount on the windshield via suction cups and will normally give you the best range of detection.

Cordless detectors will allow you to transport the device around easily. They will also install a bit easier than the corded models. The remote connected models are permanently mounted to your vehicle and this will help against thieves.


You will want to make sure that any radar you pick gives you different modes because depending where you are driving you will want a different level of sensitivity. When you are driving in the city it will reduce the range of detection as you will be travelling at a slower speed. Another thing to consider with this option is that when you are city driving quite often an automatic garage door opener could cause the device to alert as it uses a similar signal. So a city drive and a highway driving option is a must.

Front and Rear Detection

You will want to make sure that the device you select gives you both of these options where possible. This will of course make it more reliable but more costly at the same time.

Instant On Protection

For an advanced feature this is worth looking out for. It will cost more but the way it works is with a new technology that speed guns and cameras are using to target people using radar detectors and that is with this feature. Instead of the laser guns staying ‘on’ all the time they will only turn on when you are speeding and this means that even if you have a radar detector it will be too late! The way you can counter this is with this feature and it will keep an eye on the car ahead of you and their speed and if they get flashed it will alert you – that way you have time to slow down.

Other than the above features you don’t need anything more other than to look at the customer reviews and make sure that the reliability is mentioned and you are getting something that will work. With a device like this it is really worth NOT cutting corners or you may find it to be a waste of money. Our choices above are the best of the bunch.