Portable dip station fitness equipment is an ideal tool for managing and improving upper body strength and takes up little space in any room in the home.

Fitness equipment needs to be useful enough that it gets used quite often, otherwise, like the stationary bike, it can get used for a week or more, then discarded in the garage hidden from sight under a covering. A dip station is partially designed to avoid this pitfall by offering multiple uses for this single piece of affordable fitness apparatus.

The dip station is a stand that can be gripped with both hands and used to perform pushups from an elevated position. Many dip stations will incorporate foam grips to make holding the bar more comfortable. Pullups can be carried out using a dip station too, which removes the need to buy a separate pull-up bar (some pull-up bars fail to stay in place and can end up being dangerous to use if they come away from the wall or ceiling at the wrong time).

There is a great need for stabilization to be built into a dip station. For this reason, they will often come with pads that help position and stabilize the equipment so that it won’t slide across the floor when being used. A station can support 300 pounds or greater load with most models, so for most people they’ll be perfectly able to handle their body weight.

Each dip station is designed a little differently. Some are longer and wider, for greater stability by distributing the body weight across a larger area. These will be heavier and somewhat less maneuverable, yet provide more safety during use. Typically, a dip station is built around a steel frame, but sometimes other less rugged materials are used to cut costs and weight. The cheapest dip stations are usually not worth the price because they will not hold up to daily use, lack a stable base which could cause them to tip over dangerously, and the grips wear out faster.

In the case of steel construction, the steel is coated with a protective powder to help the metal endure cold garage environments without rusting out. It can also make the steel more comfortable to the touch than the bare metal alone.

Some dip stations will also incorporate dip rings where the exerciser can hold on the rings and use them as an alternative form of pull-up mechanism. Not a bad idea and it offers a different way to use the hands, wrists and arms to exert the muscles in a safe manner. Alternatively, resistance bands are sometimes included in a dip station to give exercising with a traditional dip station a different twist entirely. Either option is never a bad idea because it extends the number of different exercises that can be performed with a single piece of equipment.

Given the space limitations of most garages or spare bedrooms where homeowners commonly set up their home gym, buyers will appreciate any gym equipment that performs double duty. The multi-faceted nature of portable dip stations is one of its most attractive qualities.

What’s Included with The Best Portable Dip Station

The mobile dip station will include the dip station bars, frame, and feet to plant the bar apparatus safely on the ground.

With dip stations that include either connected pull up rings or resistance bands, these will either come attached or need to be securely positioned according to the instructions provided.

Kits include new nuts, bolts, an Allan Key wrench, and other extras for full assembly. Instructions will be provided covering how to put the equipment together.

What to Know Before Making a Purchase

Check what materials were used in the construction of the dip station. Cheaper products invariably were built with lighter, less sturdy materials which are unlikely to last over time.

Consider the dimensions of the portable dip station, as well as where the body will be positioned, to ensure there is sufficient free space in the workaround area for the equipment.

Other Considerations

Wearing a pair of workout gloves will make gripping and holding the bar or rings easier during prolonged use. It is true that many dip stations come with grips built in, but these won’t be durable long-term leaving the home user gripping sculptured steel in many cases. A pair of padded gloves makes either scenario manageable.

Best Brands

Black Mountain Products produces home exercise equipment for people who either wish to get back in shape or stay in shape. Their product range includes a full home gym set, resistance bands, yoga equipment, and individual pieces of exercise equipment like portable dip stations.

Body Max manufacturers different pieces of gym equipment, and complete for gym sets, for home users.

Ultimate Body Press based in Leetsdale, Pasadena, creates some products based on the dip station design. Suspension trainers combined with their dip station is one space-saving innovation. They also have a separate pull up bars and workout gear too.

Yaheetech is a Chinese brand which has offered products via its online website channel since 2005. They provide sports, DIY, watches, industrial, furniture, and automotive products.

What Consumers Say

Taking a look at consumers’ reviews, these are a few of the opinions most often voiced by buyers:

Workout ideas: Most dip stations do not come supplied with ways to workout effectively using the equipment. However, there are plenty of online websites that provide illustrated examples of how to get the most out of this type of exercise tool.

No folding: Portable dip stations cannot be folded up and put away unlike with some other fitness equipment. The dip station gets assembled, but can be positioned off to the side to save space when not in use.

Assembly: Dip stations don’t come fully assembled and need to be put together. There are only a few parts to them, and no one should have a problem reading the instructions and following them to complete the assembly.

Pullup cables and resistance bands: Some dip stations include ring pullups or resistance bands. These are useful additions that often make the equipment easier to use for women especially.