Whether you are looking to lose some weight, or you want to up your physical fitness and your health, a pedometer is definitely a handy device to have. This device keeps track of the number of steps that you take, which will help you determine how physically active you are in a day. The number of steps that you take will impact the number of calories that you burn, your heart rate, and a number of other things. If you want to up your cardiovascular health and burn more calories, you can use your pedometer to keep track of the steps you take, and increase those steps, so that you can up your workout and increase your health.

While a pedometer is definitely handy, choosing the best one for your needs can be challenging. There are so many different choices to choose from that it can be difficult to find the best pedometer for your needs. To help you on your quest for finding the best pedometer, we have put together this hand buyer’s guide. This guide highlights the types of pedometers that are available, the factors to consider when purchasing a pedometer, the features that they can offers, and the best brands of pedometers. With the information in this guide, you will be well prepared to find the best pedometer for your needs.

Types of Pedometers

In order to find the best pedometer for your needs, the first thing you have to do is understand the difference between the types of pedometers. All pedometers are intended to keep track of the steps that you take, but where they differ is their design.

There are six main types of pedometers, which include:

Below, you will find a detailed description of each of these types of pedometers, including their benefits, as well as their disadvantages.

The Flip Case Pedometer

As the name suggest, the flip case pedometer has a cover that flips open. This cover protects the face of the pedometer. It also prevents you from accidentally bumping the buttons and changing the readings, which could cause you to accidentally reset the step count and prevent an accurate reading of the number of steps you have taken. In order to see the readings, you will have to open the case of the pedometer; however, some designs do have a window that will allow you to see the reading without having to open the case. Flip case pedometers usually typically have a clip on the back, which can be used to attach it to a waistband or a belt. The pedometer opens from the top, flipping down, so you can easily see the reading. On the downside, unless you purchase on that has a window that will allow you to see your readings, you will have to open the case to read the information on the pedometer.

The Open Face Pedometer

Open face pedometers display their readings directly on the front of the pedometer; in other words, there isn’t a protective case covering the screen. This is usually the least expensive type of pedometer. A common issue associated with the open face pedometer is that if you bump it, you can accidentally reset the step count or change the reading to an alternate view. In order to avoid this problem, some designs have recessed buttons or have a delay on the reset button that will require you to press it for several seconds before it performs the reset. Open face pedometers can have a waistband clip, or they can be carried in your pocket. Viewing an open faced pedometer on a waistband can be difficult, as you have to rotate it up to view the readings. This could cause the pedometer to come off of the waistband. You may also accidentally hit the reset button.

The Pocket Pedometer

As you can probably guess by the name, the pocket pedometer is designed to be carried in your pocket and don’t have to be clipped to your waistband. Pocket pedometers usually are open faced pedometers, but the feature recessed buttons and delayed restarts that require you to push and hold the reset button for a few seconds. This prevents the reset button from being accidentally pressed when it comes in contact with your clothing or other items you may have in your pocket. The main advantage of a pocket pedometer is that it can be carried in your pocket, which means that it doesn’t have to be carried on a wristband or on a belt, which may make it easier for you to carry it. Also, it can be difficult to get an accurate reading from a waistband pedometer because it can tilt inward or outward.

The Top Read Pedometer

Top read pedometers display their readings on the top of the device. This design makes it easier for you to view the readings. All you have to do is glance down at the pedometer clipped on your waistband to see the reading, rather than opening the case, or rotating the pedometer which runs the risk of popping the pedometer off your waistband. Top read pedometers don’t have a protective case, so they are build with a recessed buttons, which will prevent you from pressing them in and accidentally resetting the readings. The top read pedometer may also be wider at the top than other designs, which might be less comfortable to wear.

The Smart Pedometer

With this type of pedometer, you can view the activity that the device records right from your computer, smarthphone, tablet or any other device that has access to the Internet. With this type of pedometer, you can set timers and other notifications on the device you are using to read the information the pedometer tracks, which will allow you to keep track of your steps, your heart rate, the calories you have burned and other pertinent information with ease. On the downside, while the smart pedometer may be convenient, it is the most expensive of all types of pedometers.

The Pedometer Watch

As you can probably guess, the pedometer watch is designed to look and be worn just like a traditional watch. This means that you don’t have to clip it to your waist, which a lot of users find a lot more comfortable and convenient. There are three different types of watch pedometers, and each one tracks the information collected differently.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Pedometer

Before you go out and buy a pedometer, there are a number of things that you are going to want to take into consideration. Not all pedometers are created equal; some offer certain benefits that you may find appealing, and others offer disadvantages that may not be worth your while. In order to find the best pedometer for your needs, it is important to take certain factors into consideration. Some of the most important factors that you should consider include how you will wear the pedometer, the size of the pedometer, and the cost of the device. To learn more about these and other factors that we think are important to keep in mind when choosing a pedometer, keep on reading.

How will you wear the pedometer?

One of the most important factors to take into consideration is how you will wear your pedometer. In order for a pedometer to work, you need to have it on your person, so you have to decide where you would like to wear it. Do you want to wear it on your wrist or on your waist? Some models are designed to be worn only on a waistband, and some can be worn on a wristband. There are also pedometers that can be placed in a pocket so that you don’t have to worry about having an extra accessory to wear. There are also pedometers that can be attached to an article of clothing you wear, such as a shoe. Make sure you know where you want to wear your pedometer before you buy it so you can purchase the right type for your needs.

The size of the pedometer

You should also take the size of the pedometer into consideration. The size of the device will have a direct impact on where you wear it, and it will also impact your comfort while you are wearing it. It will also impact how easily you can read the information displayed on the device. The larger the pedometer is, the easier it will be to read the information; however, this also means that it will be bigger and bulkier, which may be uncomfortable. Smaller pedometers are more lightweight and can be more comfortable to wear; however, it may be more difficult to read the information displayed on it.

The ease of use

You are also going to want to consider how easy the pedometer is to use. Pedometers that are easy to use are easy to read the information on, and they are easy to set up. They are also less likely to randomly reset while they are being used.

The accuracy of the pedometer

You also want to consider the accuracy of the readings. The best pedometers provide highly accurate recordings and readings of the steps that you take. The more accurate the readings, the better you will be able to keep track of the steps you take.

Walking or running?

Some pedometers are designed only to keep track of the steps you take while you are walking, while others are designed to keep track of the steps you take while you are walking and running.

The Cost

You should also factor in the cost of the pedometer. These devices can vary greatly in price. Generally, the more features the pedometer offers and the more advanced it is, the more expensive it is going to be.

The Features Pedometers Can Offer

Pedometers can offer a variety of features. As mentioned above, the more features it offers, the more expensive it will be. Keep this in mind when determining what features you want your pedometer to have.

Here is a look at some of the top features pedometers can offer.

Multiple Functions

If you want your pedometer to do more than just keep track of the steps you take, you may want to consider getting one that features multiple functions. These pedometers will allow you to see the date and time, keep track of your calories, your distance and your speed.

Bluetooth Capability

With this feature, your pedometer will instantly sync to your smartphone or tablet for seamless integration.

Waterproof Material

If you want to keep your pedometer protected in wet conditions, look for one that is designed with waterproof material.

Sleep Tracking

Some pedometers can even keep track of the quality of your sleep, which plays a huge part in your overall health and well being.

The Best Pedometer Brands

Here is a look at some of the top manufacturers of pedometers.


Undoubtedly one of the most popular pedometer brands, FitBit offers high quality, durable pedometers that offer a wide variety of features and are extremely easy to use.

3D Fit But

This is another top brand in the pedometer industry. This company manufactures various types of pedometers that boast an array of features. They are thoughtfully designed and are built to last.

Star Drift

Star Drift produces also produces some of the highest quality pedometers on the market. Their pedometers offer a range of features, are lightweight, yet durable, and are very easy to use.