Perhaps you are a student who is learning the art of massage therapy, or maybe you are already a licensed professional who has a lot of practice; either way, a massage table is an absolute must. Next to your hands, a massage table is one of the most important tools of your trade. You want to make sure that the massage table you choose is comfortable for your clients, is easy to set up, and is easy to transport. There are several different types of massage tables on the market, which can make finding the right one for your specific needs a bit challenging. To help you on your quest, we have assembled this handy buyer’s guide, which is full of valuable information that will help you find the best massage table for your specific needs.

Types of Massage Tables

Massage tables are identified by the upholstery that is used to cover them and their build. The most common types of massage tables include:

Wooden Massage Tables

Constructed of various types of wood, including ash and oak, wooden massage tables are extremely strong and can support a lot of weight. However, the downside of a wooden massage table is that it tends to be heavy, which can make it difficult to transport.

Aluminum Massage Table

Massages tables weren’t constructed out of aluminum until very recently, and since they have come onto the scene, they have gained enormous popularity. They are much lighter, which makes this type of massage table an excellent choice if you are going to be transporting it a lot. However, on the downside, aluminum massage tables do tend to be squeaky, which can be a nuisance for massage clients. They also aren’t as durable as wood, so you may have to replace an aluminum massage table more frequently than you would have to replace a wood table.

PVC Leather Massage Table

PVC leather is a synthetic material and because it is waterproof and oil proof, it is often used as a material to cover massage tables. Should any oil, water or sweat spill or collect onto the PVC leather, you can easily wipe it off and disinfect it so that it will be in tip-top condition for your next client. The downside is that this material doesn’t breathe easy, so some people may find that it is uncomfortable to lie on.

PU Leather Massage Table

This synthetic material is the closest material to real leather available. It is very strong and durable, PU leather massage tables are an excellent choice for a massage table, as they tend to last a long time. The material also feels soft against the skin, making it a comfortable option for massage clients.

Massage Table Considerations

Before you start shopping for a massage table, there are some factors that you should take into consideration. These factors will allow you to determine which massage table will best fit your needs.

The Setup

You want your massage table to be as easy to set up as possible. The last thing you want to worry about is having to struggle with setting up a table when you have clients to attend to. The easier and faster your massage table is to set up, the better.


A massage is intended to relax people, so you definitely don’t want to have your clients lying on a table that is uncomfortable, as it will only reduce their satisfaction. A table that is soft, yet firm, will provide your clients with a comfortable surface to lie on while they are having a massage, ensuring that they get the most enjoyment possible.

The Weight

The weight of the massage table is of particular importance if you are a travelling masseur. The lighter the table is, the easier it will be for you to transport. However, while you do want to make sure that your table is lightweight, you don’t want to sacrifice the durability.

The Size

You want your massage table to be long and wide enough so that it can comfortably accommodate a variety of body sizes; however, you don’t want it to be too long and too wide that you have a difficult time accessing your clients.

The Thickness of the Padding

Padding will make a big difference in the comfort of the table. Generally, the density of the massage table padding ranges from 2 to 5 inches; naturally, the thicker the padding, the more comfortable it will be.

Adjustable Height

The best massage tables not only allow you to adjust their height, but allow you to do so with ease. Make sure that the height of the table can be altered so that you can comfortable reach your clients. There are two height adjustment options available; either a twist know or a telescopic height adjustment.


Obviously, you want your massage table to be as durable as possible. Not only do you want it to provide proper support for your clients, but you also want to make sure that it will last a long time.

The Price

The price is another factor that is worth taking into consideration. The prices of massage tables vary widely. The more features that the table offers, the higher the quality of the construction and the larger it is, the more expensive it will likely be. Make sure that you know how much you are looking to spend before you start shopping so that you don’t go out of your comfort zone.

Massage Table Features

Massage tables can boast an array of features, and these features are designed to make the using the table easier for you and more comfortable for your clients. However, do keep in mind that these features will raise the price of massage table, so if you aren’t interested in them or they don’t suit you, you may want to avoid purchasing a table that boasts them.


A headrest will allow you to avoid having your clients lie with their faces pushed into the table, turned to the side or hanging over the edge of the table. Headrests are designed in the shape of a U and features two prongs, which allows it to be inserted into the table. The massage client faces his or her face downward and into the hole of the U, which allows him or her to breathe easily and be positioned comfortably while having a massage.

Double Locking System

If you want to have increased security, look for a massage table that features a double locking system. Massage tables can collapse under the weight of a client, which is not only embarrassing, but it can also lead to injury. A double locking system will prevent the table from collapsing. This locking device uses two knobs, which are inserted into holes on the legs of portable tables, or are built right in on stationary tables.

Carrying Case / Handle

If you are going to be traveling with your massage table, a carrying case or handle will certainly be a handy feature. A handle will typically be built right into the table, while you will have to place the table into the case once it is folded down, and the case features straps, which you can use to carry the table with.

A Cable System

If you are going to be purchasing a portable massage table, look for one that is outfitted with a cable system. This system provides much more strength and stability for the table, helping to prevent it from rocking forward and backward while a client is being massaged.


If you want to ensure your satisfaction, make sure you look for a massage table that features a product warranty. Should anything happen to the massage table, or should you be dissatisfied for any reason during the span of the warranty, the manufacturer will replace it or will refund your money (depending on the stipulations of your specific warranty.)

Best Massage Table Brands

There are several manufacturers that make massage tables, which can make it difficult to determine which one offers the best table for your specific needs. To help you find the highest quality option, we have done some extensive research, we have compared the reviews of some of the most popular massage tables and we have tested them out ourselves. After our thorough assessment, we determined that the following brands are the best of the best.

Sierra Comfort

Sierra Comfort is a company that specializes in manufacturing products and equipment for massages. This company makes some of the highest quality massage tables on the market. They offer a wide range of features and are made from both wood and aluminum. We liked how easy Sierra Comfort massage tables were to set up and disassemble, while still being sturdy.

Best Massage

Best Massage creates a wide range of products for the massage industry, from oils to tables. We simply loved their massage tables. We found that they were extremely easy to use, that they were lightweight, that they were extremely durable and that they offered a wide range of options. We also liked that they offered massage tables in a wide range of prices.

Earth Lite

Not only does Earth Lite manufacture some of the highest quality massage tables on the market, but they also offer lifetime warranties on their products. To use, that is a true testament to the quality of their workmanship. Should anything happen to your massage table or should you be unhappy with it for any reasons, Earth Lite will happily assist you to ensure that you satisfied. Another reason why we liked Earth Lite is because their massage tables are made of earth-friendly materials.