Though you use it every day, you may not realize just how much you rely on your kitchen faucet. From washing your dishes and hands to preparing meals, you use your kitchen faucet constantly. In fact, you use it so much that you don’t even think about turning it on and having access to a steady supply of water. However, when your kitchen faucet isn’t working properly, you suddenly take notice of how important it is. Whether you want to replace a faulty faucet or you are remodeling your kitchen, you are going to find that there are several kitchen faucets on the market.

With so many kitchen faucets to choose from, how can you choose the best one for your specific needs? To make your shopping experience a success, we’ve created this handy kitchen faucet buyer’s guide for you.

Types of Kitchen Faucets

There are six different types of kitchen faucets, including:

Pull Out Faucets

This kitchen faucet style typically has one handle, which is used to adjust the flow of and the temperature of the water with one hand. These faucets boast an integrated spray head, which allows you to move from the sink to the countertop with ease. For instance, if you want to fill up a large pot with water and it won’t fit in the skin, you can leave it on the countertop, pull out the faucet and fill the pot.

Pull Down Faucet

Similar to pull out faucets, the head of a pull down faucet can be pulled out from the base; however, instead of being able to pull the faucet head over to the countertop, you can pull it out and down, making this faucet ideal for use with deep sink basins.

Commercial / Fusion Style Faucets

As the name suggests, these faucets resemble those that are used in commercial kitchens, such as restaurants. They boast a single handle, which it used to control the temperature and flow of water, and the head can be pulled out and down, or pulled out and over. They add a modern touch to a kitchen.

Separate Spray Faucets

These kitchen faucets feature a separate head and spray hose, which is placed next to the central faucet. The spray feature is ideal for spraying off dishes, filling up pots and cleaning out the sink.

Motion Detection / Touchless Faucets

These kitchen faucets are outfitted with motion detection technology, which means that you don’t have to touch them to turn them on. Simply wave your hand or arm in front of the faucet and it will automatically turn on, making them ideal for cooks and bakers who often have messy hands. They also feature a separate knob to turn the faucet on and off in the traditional manner.

Two Handled Faucets

This style of kitchen faucet features two handles; one for controlling hot water and one for controlling cold water. The water comes out of the same faucet, but it offers you the ability to have more control over the temperature of the water.

Kitchen Faucet Considerations

You want your kitchen faucet to be functional, but you also want it to be fashionable. With that said, there are several factors that you should take into consideration when shopping for a kitchen faucet. These factors will help you choose the best faucet to meet your specific needs.

The Design

From traditional to modern, kitchen faucets come in all types of designs. When choosing the design, consider the look of your kitchen. For example, a commercial style faucet will look great in a modern kitchen, while a two handled faucet will work well in a traditional kitchen.

The Sink

The type of sink you have is a very important factor to take into consideration when buying a kitchen faucet. Not all sinks are created equal, which means that the faucet can either step up the function of the sink, or it can negatively impacts its functionality. For example, if you have a deep basin, a shorter spout or will reduce the amount of splash back that is created when the water hits the bottom of the sink. On the other hand, if you have a shallow sink, a faucet with a high, arched neck will allow you to fill pots and clean dishes with greater ease.

The Finish

Most kitchen faucets are made of brass, and are then covered with several finishes, which gives the look of a different material. Common finishes include polished or brushed chrome, high gloss sating, antique brass, gold plating and even powder-coated decorator colors, including white, black, gray or even red.

The Installation

This doesn’t refer to the ease of installation, but rather how the faucet will actually be installed in your sink. Different models of faucets will require a different number of holes in the sink itself. If you want a faucet that requires three holes, but your sink only has two, you will need to add an extra hole (if your sink allows for an additional hole) to accommodate the faucet. Generally, faucets that require one hole installation feature an integrated spout and handle; faucets that require three holes for installation either typically have two levers and a spout, or an integrated handle and a separate side spray hose.

Deck Mounted or Wall Mounted?

A deck mounted faucet attaches to the countertop or rests on top of the sink, while a wall mounted faucets attaches to the wall and hangs over the sink. If you are opting or a deck mounted faucet, it is important to make sure that the sink or countertop will accommodate the amount of holes that the faucet needs for installation (read above.)

The Cost

How much money are you budgeting toward your kitchen faucet? You will quickly find that faucets significantly vary in price, from around $50 to under $100, to a few thousand dollars. You really want to make sure that you know how much you can comfortably spend before you start shopping.

Kitchen Faucet Features

The main function of a kitchen faucet is to serve as a source of on-demand water; however, there are several other features that a faucet can offer, and these features can add to the look of your kitchen, or can improve the functionality of your sink.

Faucet Handles

There are various types of faucet handles available, which can not only impact the look of the faucet, but can also impact its function. For example, you may be able to purchase a faucet that features handles that are a different color than the actual faucet, or that feature a different design to create a totally unique look.

Soap Dispensers

Some kitchen faucets also feature built in soap dispensers. These dispensers are located alongside the faucet or the handles and can be filled with either dish or hand soap. They are a convenient feature, especially if you don’t want to have a cluttered area around your sink, or if you want to have a more streamlined look.

Hot Water Dispensers

Do you drink a lot of hot tea or cocoa? Do you use a lot of pots while you are cooking? If so, then you may find a hot water dispenser to be a very handy feature on your kitchen faucet. Simply turn this dispenser on and you have access to instant hot water; perfect for making a cup of tea or for making a pot of pasta.

Built In Filters

You can even find kitchen faucets that feature built in water filtration systems. This is a particularly handy feature if you have hard water, or if you want to make sure that you are consuming the cleanest water possible. A kitchen faucet that features a built in water filtration system may cost more money initially, but in time, it will save you money. With this feature, you won’t have to buy anymore bottles of filtered water, which can save you a lot over the course of a year. Plus, when you aren’t buying bottled water, you are being friendlier to the environment.

Best Kitchen Faucet Brands

It seems as if there is an unending supply of companies that make kitchen faucets. We have reviewed each company out there and we have determined that the following manufacturers are the best. Why? – Because they offer a wide variety of kitchen faucet styles and offer different features, and they also offer a varied price range. Choose one of these manufacturers and you will surely be able to find a faucet that will suit your specific needs – and will last you a long time.


Moen’s slogan is “Buy it for looks. Buy it for life.” And it’s easy to see why that’s their slogan. Not only does this manufacturer make beautiful faucets, but they create highly durable products that last a long time. They also create various types of faucets in an array of styles and at varying price ranges.


Delta is one of the leading names in kitchen faucets, and it’s no wonder why: They have been creating high quality faucets with innovative designs and features for several generations. Their products are high quality and survive even the most excessive, hard use.


Kohler says that their kitchen faucets offer a bold look, and they are completely correct. This company is highly regarded for making some of the most stylish kitchen faucets on the market. Their faucets also offer the latest technologies, come in a range of styles and can suit a variety of needs.


What started as a result of using a faulty two handled faucet turned into one of the most revolutionary kitchen faucet manufacturers in the industry. Al Moen started his kitchen faucet company in 1937. He invented the single handle faucet, and thus changed the feature of kitchen faucets forever. Al Moen was committed to finding a solution to a problem when he began his business nearly 80 years ago. Today, Moen is still committed to finding the best solutions for their customers. Offering smart innovations and a lifetime warranty, Moen faucets are a safe bet.