As a coach for a professional basketball team and an expert in sporting good items, I have acquired a lot of knowledge about what is needed to play the game of basketball and other sports as well. I have what it is needed to help you, the consumer, research and make wise purchasing decisions prior to purchasing any item. All of my experience has taught me a lot about sporting good items, and I want to teach you about these items as well. Today, I am going to help you know what to look for when you are purchasing an indoor basketball.

What to Look For in a Basketball

Characteristics of an indoor Basketball

Finding the basketball that is ideal for your game can be difficult with the variety of basketballs that are out on the market. The following is exactly what you should be looking for when looking to purchase an indoor basketball:

Being able to bounce a basketball properly and grip it easily too, will prepare you to be on the offense and improve your personal game.

The Difference Between an Indoor Basketball and an Outdoor Basketball

Basketballs are made for either indoor, outdoor, or for indoor/outdoor usage. Indoor basketballs are made to be only used on indoor basketball courts. Their exterior is not durable and rugged, instead, they are soft, smooth, and easy to hold. Due to the fact that they are made to be used on smooth indoor courts, they are slightly more prone to wear and tear and should not be exposed to the elements that are outside. If a person or team only plays in gyms, these balls are perfect for them, and if a ball is weighted, then it is perfect for practice and training time. If they are only used inside, then they will last longer because the floors inside are a lot easier on the balls than an outdoor terrain.

Outdoor basketballs are made from a tough leather and are able to withstand the elements of spending all or most of its time outside. An indoor/outdoor basketball is designed for either indoor or outdoor use, the composite leather gives it a rugged leather feel, the full ball pebbling makes the ball feel soft and tacky, and it meets the tough regulations needed to make it a National Basketball Association basketball. They are designed to be played on floors made of vinyl instead of asphalt. Since they are mostly made out of leather or absorbent leather-like materials, they are more sensitive and therefore they should only be used inside.

An Indoor Basketball is:

The one downside is it costs more due to the high quality materials it is made from. 

An All-Surface Basketball (Also Known as Indoor-Outdoor Basketball) is:

An indoor basketball should only be used inside, however, if they are used outside, they will not last as long and they will have to be replaced very soon.

Nerf Indoor Basketball Sets

A Nerf Indoor Basketball Set is perfect for when you are at home or are bored at work. There will not be any noise that can bother your coworkers or neighbors. A lot of people that dwell in apartments love them since they will not disturb anyone that lives around them. They are also ideal for when the weather does not cooperate with playing basketball outside. The set includes a quiet ball that is made out of sponge and a portable plastic hoop that can easily be mounted to a door or a cubicle wall. The ball can be tossed from a bed or a desk chair from anywhere in a room. The benefits of this game are that it gets your mind used to doing something that it is repetitious. Repetition is often used in the world (whether it be at school or on the job), and this game will help you prepare for that or improve your repetition skills.

The Costs of Indoor Basketballs

As I told you earlier in this article, indoor basketballs cost more than outdoor and/or all terrain basketballs. If you are searching for an indoor basketball that is of average quality and can be used to practice in a gym, a microfiber indoor ball is just what you need. They typically cost nineteen to thirty dollars per ball in comparison to a high-quality indoor basketball that costs between forty to fifty dollars each. A genuine leather NBA basketball costs about one-hundred dollars and it is recommended for top-level competition usage. The average cost of an indoor basketball is twenty-four dollars and ninety-nine cents to fifty-nine dollars and ninety-nine cents. When looking for an indoor basketball to purchase, there are ways to save money on them as well.

To save money on an indoor basketball, search for coupons on the internet and also consider purchasing coupons on bidding websites like EBay. Another option is checking out sports websites on the internet since they often have promotions and sales that give you forty or more percent off of your total purchase. When purchasing basketballs for a team or another large group, businesses will typically give a discount to people that purchase them in quantity. They typically allow this discount for an individual or team that buys more than ten basketballs.

Team sales companies, like Overstock, give good prices to people that buy from them, however, some of them charge a fee to become a member, a monthly service fee, or a yearly service fee. The ones that charge the service fees offer better discounts and incentives. Other companies have no fee to join or membership fees, but they only provide basic group discounts. Another website that offers good deals on a lot of items including indoor basketballs is Amazon.

Indoor Basketball Brands

It is important to get a good brand name basketball when purchasing an indoor basketball. The top brand names of indoor basketballs are:

Molten – Molten is the Japanese manufacturer of basketballs. From 2012 to the present, they have had the contract to provide the official game balls for all of the Federation Internationale de Basket-ball championships, as well as their events that take place in Asia. They also manufacture a great assortment of balls that are used at camps or for recreational purposes.

Baden – Their balls are as smooth as real leather. They have a great grip which makes it easier for people to get them into the basket. They are ideal for an indoor basketball because they are easy to hold and as soft as leather, but without the toughness of leather. One drawback is that when they are dribbled, they tend to shift in direction. This drawback makes them perfect to be used as an indoor ball since they tend to drift away, they may end up in the street and an accident may occur. They are more expensive than some basketballs (ranging from $39.88 to $128.54), but they are well worth it due to the fact that they are made well and last a long time.

Nike – These balls are made of Game-Dry composite leather that does not get slippery when sweat gets on it. This allows for consistent play no matter how long a game lasts. The surface feels like it is made from actual leather. One downside is it is often too hard for many people. Another con is that quality control is an issue as some of them have been known to come out of the package warped.They are moderately ranged in price from $45-$50. Therefore, if you are looking for a high-quality basketball, but not at a high-quality price, this basketball is perfect for you. Ever since 2012, they have held a contract with the Union of European Leagues of Basketball and the University Athletic Association of the Philippines to produce its Nike 4005 Official Tournament Balls. For those who play basketball recreationally, they have a great variety of basketballs for them as well.

Under Armour – Under Armour indoor basketballs have a great gripskin composite made for the best grip and a feel deep channel design/full ball pebbling. They have one-hundred percent nylon windings that help their balls keep its shape. The one-hundred percent butyl bladder allows the ball it to hold as much air as it can. The only downside is that it is not an official sized ball. They are moderately priced at the cost of $54.27.

Spalding – Ever since 1876, Spalding has manufactured sporting goods for baseball, football, and basketball. They made the first official ball for each of these sports. Since 1983, they have produced the official NBA game ball. They also have a variety of basketballs on the market for many different uses.. As part of their product line, they offer a variety of indoor basketballs. They are made of real leather and are designed to last a long time. The basketballs that are not autographed cost from $51.15 to $97.99. They have basketballs for men, composite basketballs, and classic intermediate balls. The autographed indoor/outdoor balls prices range from $79.00 to $234.62. They are quite expensive (which is said to be their only downside), but it has been said that they are worth the extra expense due to the fact that they have a long life and are durable and strong.

Rawlings – Rawlings has a long history with the game of basketball. They have been manufacturing basketballs ever since 1902. This company provides the balls for the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletes and the National Junior College Athletic Association. They are well known for their ten-panel basketball, which is marketed as the TEN. However, they also manufacture the traditional eight-panel basketballs. The TEN is the official basketball of the Amateur Athletic Union.

Wilson – Wilson has a great variety of indoor basketballs. They have basketballs for men and women that come in a variety of sizes. Their flagship ball, the SOLUTION, is the official ball of the NCAA. Since it is made of composite materials, it absorbs moisture when it is in use and keeps its grip no matter how sweaty the hands that touch it are. Another one of their balls, The EVOLUTION, is known as the top-selling high school ball in the United States of America as of 2012, and it boasts a composite surface with inlaid channels. Inlaid channels are a feature that replaces traditional rubber channels with an integrated composite material. They get four and five star reviews from customers due to the fact that they are durable, have a good bounce, is easy to handle, has a smooth feel, and holds air well. The customers that reviewed them have listed no cons in regards to this brand of basketballs. The price ranges from moderate ($26.99 to $74.99) to expensive ($199.99).


A basketball may be as one-of-a-kind as the person who plays the game and the game that they play. They can either be a foul ball or a slam dunk. In conclusion, I hope that this information that I, as a basketball player and a professional coach will help you score a slam dunk instead of a foul ball as you enjoy the game of basketball.