A hand blender is a great appliance to have in your kitchen. The best hand blenders are lightweight and easy to use. They are also known as immersion blenders, handheld blenders, wand blenders and stick blenders. You can use the hand blender for a number of different things from making soups and sauces to crushing ice cubes to make the perfect smoothie. Hand blenders are easy to operate, easy to clean and easy to store.

Hand blender blade attachments are pretty tough and can withstand high temperatures. This is ideal if you are making curries and sauces as you can use the blender in the pan to get the best results.

The main reasons people are buying hand blenders are to ensure that they get their 5 a day fruit and veg, as these can be purified making it easier to consume.

The other reason why these hand blenders are preferred to the counter blender is that you can blend food in a bowl or a pan whilst you are cooking and do not need to transfer the content to the counter blender and back to the pan on the stove to continue cooking. Hand blenders can save you a lot of hassle and cleaning up in the kitchen.

What to look for when choosing the best hand blender


One of the most important factors to consider is the weight of the hand held blender. If you are making something that takes a little more time to blend then you certainly don’t want a heavy blender, it can really put you off using it if your arm begins to ache, so take this into account.


Most handheld blenders on the market have stainless steel blades. These are tough and should not break easy. Some hand blenders have detachable blade shafts, which make it easier for cleaning, some consumers say this a priority because it can be hard to clean if the blender does not detach.


Power is one of the biggest features for a hand blender. You will want to pick a blender that has a powerful motor. The higher the wattage the more powerful the blender should be.


Most people won’t take the controls on a hand blender as an important feature, but the reality is you need something that is easy to turn on and off and not to hard to hold down.


There are two different types of material used on a hand blender these are steel or plastic. Steel gives you the option of using the blender whilst in a heated pan, the plastic blenders can’t really be used for this, so if you plan on blending soups or curries in a hot pan be sure that you choose the right option.


Handheld blenders have different styles of grips. Some have a soft grip handle and offer a non-slip comfort grip. Most consumers will use one hand to operate the hand blender so you want to pick one that is comfy.


The majority of handheld blenders have 2 accessories; these are the blender and a chopper. Some models also come with a mixing/measuring jug and a whisker.

Depending on how often and what you are making these could be an option to have with your blender.

Cordless rechargeable hand blenders

Cordless hand blenders tend to weigh a little more and cost a bit more too, but you get freedom, there is no cord holding you back. These are great if you are going camping or cooking out doors. The new lithium-ion batteries are more powerful than they have ever been and they old the full charge for a lot longer than the old type battery. However you do have to charge the blender so check how long the recommended run time is and if this is a suitable option for you.

Corded hand blenders 

Unlike the cordless option you do need a power supply to work this blender, but most corded blenders do come with a long cable, and will not loose power and performance as the battery begins to loose it’s charge like on the cordless blenders models. 

Best hand blender

The best hand blender does not have to be the most expensive. Some people will need the basic hand blender to make soups or mashed potatoes; other people will be using their hand blenders for chopping up vegetables and crushing ice cubes. Have a look at the handheld blenders that we have reviewed and pick the one that best suits your cooking needs. Be sure to check that your hand blender comes with a warranty because most hand blenders get poor reviews for long-term durability.

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