Nowadays almost every household consumes a huge amount of food and produce. It is no wonder that there are new ways to deal with all of the waste that is created. Of course, the standard route for waste disposal is to put your food, cartons, bottles etc… in the bin but with a stronger emphasis on the environment you will have to look at recycling bottles and plastics and another way you can help is with a garbage disposal machine.

Quite simply this will allow you to put all of your food waste down the sink instead of down the bin which is convenient and great for the environment.

Of course when you are looking online for a garbage disposal the first obstacle is finding one that will give you something that will sit out of sight and be efficient and this is made difficult when you can’t test the product out first.

This is where we come in at ConsumerEssentials and we have taken a look at all of the garbage disposal units available online and had the customer opinion as well as the features and the price and will give you a complete overview of our top choices.

This way you can be sure to get a garbage disposal that does the job, out of sight and one that is durable enough to withstand day to day usage without fear of it breaking down.

What To Look For In A Good Garbabe Disposal?

We will now run you through a few things to consider when you are looking for a good garbage disposal and these are the areas that we had a close look at before recommending our choices to you. If you take into account the below features we are positive you will find the right disposal for you.

Capacity and Motor size

This is fairly obvious but these two points definitely deserve a mention as the capacity and the motor size you get with your garbage disposal will affect other areas of the product too. If you want to be able to clear food waste away fast and lots of it, we recommend you go for something with a larger capacity and make sure you have something around the 1HP motor mark to ensure power. On the flip side of that, if you are just looking for something to automate your food disposal and you are not really worried how long it takes you can save money on both these features and go for an average or smaller disposal.

Quality Of Grinder And Feed

There can be a difference in the grinder you get and this is again affected by price. Make sure you don’t make the mistake of trying to save money and then finding that the grinder is of low quality as this is what does the work. You should have a look at galvanized steel grinders if you want something that is heavy duty. Again, this feature will save you money BUT just be aware if you are using for heavy usage it is best to not cut corners.

Extra Features

Although you might not, at first glance care for extra features after all a garbage disposal unit has a pretty simple job it IS worth a look at some of the extras to ensure smooth running of your unit. For instance, extra features can include a cover to eliminate mess, a reverse motor feature that will stop the likelihood of the disposal unit jamming. Plus you will also find some extra features allow for easier installation.


Price is always worth noting and when we were taking a look at the top garbage disposal units we tried to make sure we could get you the most features, the best reliability and the lowest price which we achieved. However, as a rule if you pay more you will get a stronger and faster motor and a larger unit. You will also get more of the features we mentioned above, it is worth spending more if you will be using the unit a lot and will have heavy loads for it to cope with.