Flameless candles use the concept of replacing the traditional standing wax candle with its dripping, melting wax and wick, with a decorative appearance and LED illumination. The LED light is even made to flicker in a semi-realistic manner to imitate the visual appearance of a flame that is flickering about in the breeze.

Traditional candles are attractive. However, they do create risks for the homeowner. Standing candles can accidentally fall over when their wax melts in an irregular, unexpected pattern. It’s possible for the downed candle to cause other flammable items in the home to catch fire. Alternatively, the wick with its flame can dance around in a slight breeze and light up some material nearby. The wax itself burns at a hot temperature and can melt delicate surfaces, causing damage to valuable furniture. For these reasons, LED candles have become an attractive alternative.

In most cases, these flameless candles are made out of environmentally friendly materials. There are no carbon emissions from the use of LED lighting. There is also no smoke from burning wax to set off the internal smoke alarm accidentally in an enclosed room in the home.

Candles are battery operated, often using tiny coin-shaped batteries that fit neatly into the base of the candle. Depending on the size of the LED lamp, a battery will often last 24-48 hours if accidentally left on continually. Flameless candles have discreet on/off power switches to save on battery life when they’re not needed.

Candles have always been seen as a way to light a room when other forms of lighting are either not available (power cut) or not desirable. A series of flameless candles creating an illuminated path is a welcome romantic gesture, especially when putting on a special night for a partner who has had a long day and needed some pampering.

Not all flameless candles are designed the same. A few taller candles still use wax in their construction lending an authentic appearance, but replace the burning wick with an LED light instead. A candle holder or plate needs to be situated beneath these types of LED candles because of the wax burn-off.

With other flameless candles, they use neither wax or wicks and are battery operated for improved safety. It is possible to use them in the home while it is unattended, but like with other battery operated devices, turning them off while out of the home is the safest advice.

What’s Included with The Best Flameless Candle

A pack of flameless candles includes the candles themselves, the batteries which are usually pre-fitted at the base, and some basic instructions.

The instructions cover how to remove the battery to replace it, where the on/off switch is found, and other relevant information.

What to Know Before Making a Purchase

Flameless candles can be tea light ones or taller free standing ones. Some brands make special wedding candles or decorative candles for unique occasions where unusual lighting is pleasant, but no one wants to have to be always concerned about safety.

Two flameless candles placed next to each other look different than when placed a distance apart. It is better to use a discreet distance between each candle when using more than one.

A frosted glass covering makes an excellent addition to a flameless candle. In many cases, it is not possible for guests to determine that the candle inside isn’t even a real one.

Other Considerations

LED lights do not create any carbon emissions. There is no smoke produced, and the risk of a fire or accidentally setting off the fire alarm in the home is zero. The coin batteries are easy to dispose of safely and replace quickly.

The on/off power switch is simple to locate, and small children can manage to turn off the lights for their parents at the end of the evening.

The LED bulbs used in flameless candles are brighter than a regular LED light. As such, they illuminate a wider area of the room than one might imagine.

Best Brands

Divine LEDs, launched in 2013, aims to light up the world with improved LED lights. The company is transatlantic with offices in London and New York. They make flameless LED candles, headlamps, grill lights, clip-on lights, and lanterns.

IB-Sound sell tiny tea light LED candles that are ideal for parties and wedding events to add additional lighting without having to worry about warm flames.

Festival Delights in Valley Cottage, New York creates unscented flickering battery operating LED candles.

Banberry Designs makes drinking glasses with romantic messages, photo frames to display images of beloved pets who have passed away, ornate figurines, and LED candles.

LED Lytes have been making real wax LED candles for over two decades. The unusual pairing of traditional wax materials of a regular candle combined with LED lighting for increased safety in the home makes this brand stand out from the crowd.

What Consumers Say

Taking a look at consumers’ reviews, these are a few of the opinions most often voiced by buyers:

Scented: Many flameless candles are not naturally scented; the pleasing smell is barely noticeable or goes away fairly quickly. Using another way to create an attractive scent in the room is a good idea.

Waterproof: A few brands offer flameless candles that are waterproof. The waterproof feature is not always described as such, and it is possible that the base containing the battery could leak. Therefore, use candles in this manner at your discretion.

Sets: Ordering a box or set of candles is a good idea as most purchasers find that they use more of them than expected to create a special event with attractive lighting.

Batteries: Coin-based batteries are most often the type used with candles, especially the tea light LED ones. Most candles come with a set of batteries already fitted, but check whether this is the case before purchasing. It is also a good idea to buy a few spare batteries for easy replacement.

Blowouts: Unlike with wax candles, there is no risk of blowouts of the flame and needing to re-ignite the wick on a regular basis. For homeowners with their attentions elsewhere, this is a nice feature to have.