A can opener is an essential device in the kitchen, and one that is powered by electricity makes the task of opening cans a whole lot easier and quicker. An electric can opener allows removes lids from metal cans in a manner that will prevent you from suffering an injury from the sharp, jagged metal. Additionally, the electric can opener does not allow metal shavings to get into the contents of the can.

While an electric can opener is certainly handy, finding the best one can be challenging. There are so many different options available, which can make it difficult to choose the right one for your specific needs. To help you on your quest for finding the best electric can opener, we have put together this handy buyer’s guide. In this guide, you will find all of the information to find the best electric can opener for your specific needs. This guide highlights the different types of electric can openers, the factors to consider when choosing one, the different features they can offer and the different types of electric can openers.

Types of Electric Can Openers

There are several different types of electric can openers, but they all achieve the goal of opening a can in a similar manner. They puncture the metal in the lid of the can, and then a cutting device follows along the circular pattern of the lid until the lid is completely detached from the can. The types of electric can openers can be differentiated by where they are placed when they are operated, how they open the can, and the power that they emit.

There are five main types of electric can openers, which include:

To determine which type of electric can opener will best suit your needs, it is important to first understand the difference between each of these five types.

The Counter Top Electric Can Opener

Typically, the counter top electric can opener is a small, upright appliance that either be left out on a counter top, or it can be stored when it is not in use. It will open most standard cans, but shorter models may not accommodate very tall or large cans. Height, size, and design varies among models. Electric can openers are mechanically similar to non-electric ones. They use a serrated wheel, but the cutting wheel may be replaced by a single sharp blade. Instead of a manual turning lever, the electric opener uses a small motor that operates gears to advance the wheel and cause the can to turn while the blade cuts the metal. All you have to do to work this type of electric can opener is place the lip of the can under the sharp blade and presses down on the top lever to begin opening the can. Most electric models also feature a small magnet attached to an arm, which the lid sticks to in order to make operating and opening the can easier, cleaner and more convenient.

The Hand Held Electric Can Opener

The hand held electric can opener can either be corded or cordless. With the corded version, you always have a constant source of power; however, the cord can get in the way and can limit where you can use the device. A cordless model means that you don’t have to worry about a cord getting in the way, and it allows you to use the can opener anywhere you want; but, you do need to make sure that you have it charged up when you want to use it. Many hand held electric can openers offer a hands free operation. The device detects the lip of the can, opens it, and automatically shuts off.

The Under the Cabinet Electric Can Opener

As the name suggests, this type of electric can opener is placed underneath an upper cabinet. It is mounted in place, which makes it easy to access and frees up counter space. The downside of this type of electric can opener is that they are stationary, which means they aren’t portable and you can’t use it in other locations.

The Side Cutting Electric Can Opener

The primary benefit of this type of electric can opener is that it cuts the can lid from the side instead of the top, which makes for a smoother edge and reduces the chances of sustaining an injury as a result of sharp metal edges. The side cutting can opener operates by piercing the can below the rim of the lid to create a smoother and safer edge.

The Industrial Electric Can Opener

If you own a restaurant or you prepare a lot of food at home and you need a durable, reliable can opener to do a lot of work, than the industrial electric can opener is a wise pick for you. This type of can opener can withstand heavy use and it can open larger, heavier cans. Industrial can openers have a much sturdier construction than other models. They also usually boast several features. One the downside, the commercial electric can opener is much larger, so it requires more counter space, and it tends to be the most expensive of all types of electric can openers.

Things to Consider When Choosing an Electric Can Opener

As with all products that you purchase, there are a number of factors that you should take into consideration when choosing an electric can opener. By considering these factors, you will be able to choose the best electric can opener for your specific needs. Some of the things to consider include the size, the ease of use, and the price of the electric can opener, among other things. To learn more about the factors that we think are the most important when shopping for an electric can opener, please keep on reading.

The Size of the Electric Can Opener

One of the most important factors to take into consideration when choosing an electric can opener is its size. These devices come in a variety of sizes and you really need to decide which size will best suit your needs. Smaller models are more lightweight and compact, which means that they don’t take up as much space on your counter top, and they can easily be stored away; however, smaller models usually aren’t as durable as larger models and they can open up larger cans. Larger models tend to be more durable and they can open up larger cans; however, they take up more space and they may not be as easy to store.

The Power of the Electric Can Opener

Another important consideration to make is the type of power the electric can opener offers. The more powerful the device is, the more effective it will be at opening larger, heavier cans. However, it is important to note that more powerful electric can openers will use more energy.

Where You Will Be Using the Electric Can Opener

Where do you intended on using the electric can opener? If you will only be using it in the kitchen and portability isn’t a big deal for you, than an under the counter model may suit you well; however, if portability is something that is important to you, then you may want to consider a handheld or a traditional upright electric can opener, as you will have an easier time using it wherever you need to use it.

The Design of the Electric Can Opener

While this won’t impact its function, the design of the electric can opener is another factor that you should take into consideration. If this is an appliance that you are going to have out in your kitchen, you may want to make sure that it is aesthetically pleasing. Electric can openers come in a variety of colors and styles, so you can be sure to find one that will work in your kitchen.

The Ease of Use of the Electric Can Opener

You also want to make sure that the electric can opener is easy to use. The last thing that you want is to have a can opener that you can’t easily operate, or that will make huge mess when you are using it. The easiest electric can openers to use are those that contain a magnet, which attaches to the lid of the can, keeping it in place and preventing a messy spill. Also, those that automatically shut offer are very easy to use, too.

The Price of the Electric Can Opener

Another important factor that you should take into consideration is the price of the electric can opener. Smaller models with less features can cost around $20, while larger models that offer more features will have a higher price tag. It is important to know how much you want to spend before you start shopping so you don’t spend more than you are comfortable with.

Features Electric Can Openers Can Offer

Electric can openers can come equipped with a variety of features. These features are intended to make the can opener easier to use and more versatile. However, as mentioned above, the more features that this device offers, the higher the price tag will be. It is important to understand the available features so that you can determine if you want or need them, and if spending the extra money will be worth your while.

Here is a look at some of the most common features electric can openers can offer.

A Built In Bottle Opener

Some electric can opener, especially those that mount to the underside of an upper cabinet, feature a built in bottle opener. With this feature, you can easily pop the tops off of different types of bottles, such as a soda bottle or a beer bottle. This is certainly a handy feature to have, as it makes the can opener more versatile.

A Built In Knife Sharpener

With a built in knife sharpener, you can open your cans and sharpen your knives all from the same device. This feature is certainly handy, and again, makes the electric can opener more versatile.

One Touch Operation

With a one touch operation feature, all you have to do is press down on the lever of the can opener and the device will do all of the work for you. It will automatically shut off when the lid is removed, and it will hold the can in place until you remove it from the can opener.

Built In Cord Storage

If you are going to be purchasing a corded electric can opener, you may want to look for one that features built in cord storage. With this feature, you can easily put the can opener away without having to worry about tangling the cord; the cord wraps around the back of the can opener for easy storage.

A Built In Clock

Another handy feature to consider is a built in clock. With this feature, you can easily keep track of the time while you are cooking in the kitchen. On some can openers, the clock has an alarm, which can also be a useful tool when you are cooking.

The Best Electric Can Opener Brands

There are several manufacturers that make electric can openers. With so many manufacturers, it can be difficult to determine who makes the best electric can opener. To help you, we have tested out several brands and have read user reviews. Our results indicate that the following brands are the best of the best.

Black and Decker

Black and Decker is one of the most highly regarded names in the kitchen appliance industry. They make a variety of electric can openers that offer a range of features. They are very durable and last a long time.


Another well known name in the small appliance industry is Oster. They also make a wide variety of electric can openers that boast various features. Their products are made from high quality materials and are well constructed.

Hamilton Beach

Yet another top brand is Hamilton Beach. Their electric can openers are very durable and offer various features. They are also very powerful and reliable.