When the weather starts getting chilly, there is nothing better than snuggling up and getting cozy under a blanket. If you want to up the cozy factor, an electric blanket is the way to go. High quality electric blankets are a fantastic way to keep warm when it is cold outside. Instead of having to up the thermostat in your house and spend more money on your heating bill, you can simply put on an electric blanket and turn up its thermostat to achieve a totally comfortable temperature that will completely encompass you. Yes, you do need to use electricity to operate an electric blanket, but far less energy is needed to operate them than is needed to heat your home, making these blankets a wonderful investment.

There are so many different makes and models of electric blankets available, which can make finding the best electric blanket for your needs a bit of a challenge. To help you find the best option that will provide you with the most warmth and will make you feel the coziest, we have put together this buyer’s guide, which is full of useful information related to electric blankets that you can use to find the best one for your needs.

Types of Electric Blankets

There are four main types of electric blankets:

Understanding the differences between each type is important, as it will help you find the best electric blanket to satisfy your particular needs.

Under the Sheet Electric Blankets

As the name suggests, this type of electric blanket is placed on top of the mattress, underneath the fitted sheet and other bedding materials. They are secured in place with tie tapes, which prevents them from sliding about. An under the heat electric blanket heats up the entire bed, and because it isn’t place over the top of you, it can prevent you from overheating. This type of electric blanket is safe, easy to use and very cost effective for providing heat while you sleep.

Flush Electric Blankets

A flush electric blanket works very much the same way that a fitted sheet works. It is placed under the bedding, on top of the mattress, and attaches to the bed in the same manner that a flush sheet does. Like an under the sheet electric blanket, a flush electric blanket is a cost effective way to warm up when the temperatures start to drop.

Over Cover Electric Blankets

This type of electric blanket can be placed under a flat sheet, or they can be placed right over your body. Because they do not need to be placed on top of a mattress, they offer a bit more flexibility than the above mentioned electric blankets. So, if you wanted to use the electric blanket for more than just sleeping – sitting and relaxing in the living room, for example – you can easily do so.

Duvet Electric Blanket

This type of electric blanket works in very much the same way that an over cover electric blanket works; however, they offer more blanket than the latter option, which can up their warmth factor.

Factors to Consider When Buying an Electric Blanket

When you are shopping for an electric blanket, there are a few things that you are going to want to keep in mind. Though comfort and cost are important factors to consider, safety is really the most important factor. Here is a look at some of the factors that we consider to be the most important when shopping for an electric blanket.

The Size

Each type of electric blanket comes in a variety of sizes, so you should know what size you would like before you make a purchase. They usually run in the same standard sizes as mattresses and other bedding materials, including twin, full, queen and king sizes. The larger the blanket, the more coverage you will have; however larger blankets also take longer to heat up and require the use of more energy to do so.

Heat Settings

You are definitely going to want to consider the heat settings that the blanket offers. The heat settings allow you to control and adjust the heat that the blanket creates, allowing you to get the most comfort for your needs possible. Electric blankets can be operated with either a dial or a digital control, which is used to regulate the heat that the blanket puts off. Whichever control option you choose, you do want to make sure that you will be able to change the setting of the heat on the electric blanket so that you can ensure it reaches an appropriate, comfortable and safe temperature.


Electric blankets are usually mains operated, which means that they plug into the wall and use electricity (hence the name) to generate the heat that they create. Most standard electric blankets use 120 volts of power; however, a lower voltage blanket, while it may not be able to create as much heat as higher voltage options, can be a much safer option. Low voltage electric blankets utilize DC energy, which is much less dangerous and allows the blanket to heat up with a mere 25 volts. They are also constructed with smaller wires than higher voltage blankets, which requires the use of less electricity, which is great if you are concerned about your energy consumption. They are also much safer to operate than higher voltage blankets.

The Fabric

Heated blankets are made of a variety of materials, which not only make the blanket itself feel comfortable to the touch, but can also help to prevent feeling the components inside the blanket that are used to heat it, which can make it uncomfortable to use. Materials that have higher naps help to minimize the likelihood of feeling those components. The best fabric, in our opinion, is micro fleece polyester. This material is very soft, is lightweight, and it still manages to retain heat. It is also very easy to care for. Additionally, micro fleece polyester is easier to care for than other materials and won’t become pilled after repeated using or washing. Other materials that are used to construct electric blankets include cotton, fleece and synthetic materials.

Safety Certification

You should also makes rue that the blanket has been given a safety certification. This certification ensure that your blanket has been tested and that it meets quality assurance purposes and safety regulations.


Of course, you are going to want to clean your electric blanket. Given the components, that can be a difficult task. Make sure that you choose a blanket that can be easily taken apart and put back together, and that you can easily clean the fabrics in the washing machine and dryer, as this will make cleaning and maintaining your blanket a lot easier.

The Price

You also want to consider the price when shopping for an electric blanket. These blankets can vary significantly in price, from around $30 to upwards of $200 or more. The higher the quality of the materials, the larger the blanket and the more features it offers, the more expensive it will likely be. Keep that in mind when shopping so that you don’t spend more than you are comfortable with.

Features of Electric Blankets

Electric blankets can boast a number of features, which aim to improve your experience with them and make them easier and more enjoyable to use. As mentioned above, the more features the blanket offers, the more expensive it is going to be. To determine whether or not you would like these features, it is important to understand what they are and how they can improve the functionality of the electric blanket.

Automatic Shut Off

As you might guess, an electric blanket that comes equipped with an automatic shut off will turn off after a predetermined period of time. This feature not only conserves energy, but it improves the safety of the blanket, as it can prevent you from getting too warm or prevent the blanket from overheating if you have it on too long.

Dual Controls

If you are purchasing an electric blanket that will be used by two people, one that features dual controls can be very handy. Basically, these feature provides two controls, which can be operated by each user. One user can set the temperature higher, and one can set it lower, which improves the functionality and the comfort of the blanket.

LCD Screens and Light Indicators

If you are going to be using your electric blanket while you are sleeping, one that features and LCD screen and light indicators can make it much easier to use. With these features, you will be able to adjust the settings without having to turn on the light, which is very handy when you are in a dimly lit room.

Push Button Controls

Push button controls also make it easier to operate an electric blanket. Instead of having to fumble with a dial, you can simply push the buttons to adjust the settings, which makes for much more efficient and easier use.

Added Insulation

For a lot of people, certain parts of their body are colder than other parts. If your feet are usually colder than the rest of your body, for example, an electric blanket that features more insulation at one end can be used to cover your feet and keep them toasty and warm.


If you want to secure your investment in an electric blanket, look for one that comes with a warranty. Should anything happen to the blanket during the lifespan of the warranty, you could have it replaced or repaired by the manufacturer, or you could have your money reimbursed. It is important to read the details of the warranty, however, to be sure of what it covers.

Best Electric Blanket Brands

When shopping for an electric blanket, you will find that there are seemingly endless options when it comes to manufacturers. So, how do you know which manufacturer makes the best electric blanket? To help you choose, we have gone through all of the different manufacturers, tested out the blankets ourselves, read the details and compared user reviews. After conducting our research, we have determined that the following brands of electric blankets are the best of the best.


Sunbeam is probably best known for the high quality small appliances they make, like their mixers; however, they are also one of the best manufacturers of electric blankets. This company uses the highest quality materials, the most advanced features and the most state of the art technologies to design electric blankets that are safe, comfortable and durable.

Soft Heat

Soft Heat is highly regarded for the heating pads that they produce, so it should come as no surprise that their electric blankets are also top quality. Their blankets are constructed with the best materials and use extensive research and state of the art equipment to ensure that they are safe, reliable and comfortable. They are also very affordable and offer a lot of different options.


Another company that is highly regarded for their quality electric blankets is Biddeford. We like how many different options that they had to offer and the variety of features, like dual controls and extra insulation. We also liked the wide range of fabrics that they used, and the many different colors and patterns their electric blankets come in.

Shavel Home Products

We also enjoyed the electric blankets that are produced by Shavel Home Products. Their blankets come in an assortment of sizes and are made from a variety of high quality materials. We were very pleased with how easy their controls were to use and the different features that their blankets offered. We also liked how easy it was to clean their electric blankets.