From crispy French fries to perfectly cooked chicken wings, if you enjoy deep fried foods, than a deep fryer is an appliance that you are definitely going to want to have in your kitchen. This appliance allows you to perfectly fry your favorite foods right in your own home. Talk about an awesome addition to your kitchen!

If a deep fryer is an appliance that you are interested in, you may find that shopping for one is a bit challenging. There are so many options available that it can be difficult to determine which deep fryer will best meet your needs. To help you find the best deep fryer possible, we have put together this handy buyer’s guide for you. In this guide, you will find a wealth of valuable information that you can use to find the perfect deep fryer. In this buyer’s guide, you will learn about the different types of deep fryers, the factors to consider when choosing a deep fryer, the different features that are available for this appliance and the best deep fryer brands.

Types of Deep Fryers

Deep fryers are powered by electricity, by gas, or they are designed to be used on top of a stove. They range in size from small to large, free standing units. There are three main types of deep fryers, which include:

To determine which types of deep fryer will best suit your needs, it is important to understand the difference between each of these three main types.

The Stove Top Deep Fryer

As the name suggests, the stove top deep fryer is designed to sit on top of a heating element on a stove. The heating element is turned on and the deep fryer heats up. The stove top deep fryer varies in size and can be used to cook a variety of foods, such as fried chicken, chicken nuggets, mozzarella sticks and more. The primary advantage of this type of deep fryer is that you don’t need to worry about an additional power source, as they are powered from the heat your stove top produces.

The Countertop Deep Fryer

The countertop deep fryer varies in size, but all models are compact enough to fit on a countertop. It contains a large vessel that holds oil, which is heated by a electrically powered heated element. A basket is used to hold the food that will be fried, and the basket is submerged into the hot oil. The countertop deep fryer is an ideal choice if you plan on doing a lot of deep frying and want to have the appliance readily available to use.

The Freestanding Deep Fryer

The freestanding deep fryer is the largest type of deep fryer. It is powered by either gas or electricity. Like the countertop deep fryer, a large vessel holds the oil and a basket holds the food. The food is submerged into the heated oil so that it can be fried. This type of deep fryer is ideal for frying large items, such as turkeys.

In addition to these main types of deep fryers, there are also specialty fryers, which are designed to fry in a unique way, separate from the traditional submerging food in hot oil. Specialty deep fryers include the following:

The Funnel Cake Deep Fryer

This type of fryer is specifically designed to make funnel cakes. They are wider than traditional fryers and have shallower tanks. They can also be used to make homemade donuts.

The Pressure Deep Fryer

This type of deep fryer utilizes pressure to speed up the frying process. They create the same type of crispness as traditional fryers, but in much less time.

The Ventless Countertop Deep Fryers

This type of specialty fryer spins food while it is being cooked, which means that you can achieve the same crispness without using as much oil, which translates to healthier fried food.

The Oil Less Deep Fryer

This type of specialty fryer uses either halogen heat, convection or infrared technology to fry the food, omitting the need to use oil. The oil less deep fryer prepares healthy, crisp foods and it is much easier to clean than other fryers, as there is no oil to content with.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Deep Fryer

In order to find the best deep fryer for your needs, there are a number of factors that you should take into consideration. You want to make sure that the deep fryer you choose will provide you with the crispy, tasty food that you are seeking and that it will be as easy to use as possible. To help you find the best deep fryer to suit your needs, we share a number of important factors that you should take into consideration when shopping, which include the size of the fryer, the type of food you will be cooking and the ease of use, among other things. To learn more about the factors that should be taken into consideration to help you find the best deep fryer, please keep on reading.

The Size

One of the most important factors to consider is the size of the deep fryer. The larger the fryer, the more food you can cook. If you are going to be cooking large items or for a large group of people, than a larger fryer will be a better choice for you. However, do keep in mind that the size of the fryer will have an impact on where you can use it. It you plan on using it on a regular basis and want to have it out on your countertop, you may not want one that is excessively large, as you may not want it to take up too much space.

The Food You Plan on Cooking

Another important factor to consider is the type of food you plan on cooking. This will impact the size of the fryer you need, and it will also determine whether or not you should opt for a specialty fryer. If you plan on frying things like turkeys or chickens, a freestanding deep fryer is the best choice for you, as it offers the most space. However, if you will be cooking things like donuts, funnel cakes and other confections, than you should opt for a specialty funnel cake deep fryer.

Easy to Use

The best deep fryers are easy to use. They come complete with easy to follow instruction manuals, filling them up with oil and emptying the oil is easy, and cleaning them isn’t a complex process. The easier your deep fryer is to use, the more you will enjoy using it.

The Amount of Oil Needed

You should also consider the amount of oil that is needed to prepare the food. If you don’t want to use as much oil, than an oil less or a vent less deep fryer is the best choice for you. The latter requires no oil at all, while the former uses less oil than standard deep fryers. Less oil means healthier food, and it also means that you won’t have to spend as much money buying new oil. It also means that the appliance will be easier to clean.


Deep frying creates a certain odor, which can fill up your house and stick around for a while. The best deep fryers offer advanced filtration, which cuts back on the amount of odor that they create by absorbing the smell of the heated oil and the fried foods.

The Price

Price is also an important factor to take into consideration. These appliances can vary widely in price and you want to make sure that you don’t overextend your budget. Generally, the larger the fryer is and the more features it offers, the more expensive it will be.

Features Deep Fryers Offer

There are a number of features that deep fryers can offer. These features are intended to improve the efficiency and the versatility of the deep fryer. As mentioned above, the more features a deep fryer offers, the more expensive it will be. To determine whether or not you want or need certain features, it is important to understand the intended purpose of certain features. Here is a look at some of the most common features that deep fryers can offer.

Temperature Controls

Temperature controls are a handy feature, as they allow you to easily adjust the temperature that the oil will be heated to. This will allow you to achieve the perfect crispness for the different types of foods that you are cooking. Temperature controls can be operated by either a dial or by an LCD touch screen.

Hooks for Draining

This feature allows you to hang the basket that is submerged into the oil so that you can drain excess oil from the food before serving it. These hooks make it easier to serve your food, improve the taste, and make cleaning easier.

Non Stick Surface

A non stick surface on the inside of the deep fryer will make cleaning the appliance a lot easier.

Built In Drainage System

This feature makes it easier to drain the oil when you are removing it from the appliance, which makes storing or discarding the oil easier, and it makes cleaning the appliance easier, too.

Auto Shut Off

This feature will turn off the deep fryer when the food has finished cooking. Set the timer for the amount of time that you want the food to cook and when the timer goes off, the automatic shut off will turn the appliance off.

Lockable Lid

A lockable lid allows you to seal the food in while the unit is being operated, which improves the safety of the appliance.

Cool Touch Exterior

To minimize the chances of burns, look for a deep fryer that features a cool touch exterior. If you or someone else bumps into the size of the appliance while it is in operation, you won’t get burned.

A Warrant

The best deep fryers will feature a warranty. A warranty protects your investment. Should anything happen to the deep fryer during the span of the warranty, you could have the appliance repaired or replaced, or you may be able to have your money reimbursed. Do make sure that you read the details of the warranty to ensure you know exactly what it covers and how your investment is protected.

The Best Deep Fryer Brands

There are a number of manufacturers that make deep fryers, which can make it difficult to determine which one offers the best product. To help you weed through all of the different options, we have tested out several deep fryers ourselves and we have read and compared user reviews. Our research has determined that the following deep fryer brands are the best of the best.


A highly regarded name in the kitchen appliance industry, Presto has been making small kitchen appliances for more than a century. Their deep fryers boast an array of features, are easy to use and offer outstanding results.


Another well known name in the kitchen appliance industry is Waring, and their deep fryers are top notch. They provide various types of deep fryers that are outfitted with a range of features. We liked how easy they were to use and how perfectly they crisped our foods.

T Fal

This company produced the first non-stick frying pan, and now the produce some of the most advance deep fryers. Their deep fryers are made of high quality materials, are extremely durable and provide a wide range of benefits.


Another leading brand in the small kitchen appliance industry, Oster makes exceptionally high quality deep fryers. We liked how many options that they offered, the various features that their deep fryers provided and how easy they were to use.

Hamilton Beach

This company produces exceptional deep fryers that offer a variety of features, and that are easy on the budget. We liked how much bang for the buck they offered. In other words, we were very impressed by how much they offered at such a affordable price.