If you are looking for a good cordless drill it can be a bit of a minefield finding one that you know will give you a great tool but also stay reliable and be easy to use. The old saying “A bad workman blames his tools.” that of course has its meaning but in our opinion they are correct if they have tried to cut corners and get a cheap cordless drill that does not do the job properly.

There are also many differences between cordless drills and the different labouring work that they can be used for. Just picking a ‘cordless drill’ will not be enough, you need to make sure it has the features you need and as mentioned above is robust and reliable enough to use.

You will find that they range from compact, lightweight, heavy duty and variable speed and if you know which type to go for it will make the DIY work a lot easier at home or of course if you are using this for industrial work you need a drill that can match the demand.

Here at ConsumerEssentials we will tell you all about the top cordless drills on the web and you will be able to see our opinion, our best choices and also the customer feedback. We have spent time researching the information from the customer opinion, web based reviews and various other sources so you know you will be getting something that is worth more than the price you pay. We also endeavour to find you the best deals so you not only get a great cordless drill but you also save money as well.

What To Look For In A Cordless Drill?

Taking into account some of the choices above we are going to run through a few things that you should check your drill has before you settle on one. Even if you are not going for any of our suggestions this simple checklist will help you get a drill that gives you another power and is versatile for day to day use.


The first consideration is the power you need and for cordless drills you will find that the power is measured in battery voltage. The higher the voltage the more power you get, or to get more in-depth the more torque- spinning strength you will get. You will find that most cordless drills will range from 9.6V all the way to 18V and some go above that. If you are trying to work out what power you will need it depends on the work you are doing, for instance if you are going to be boring big holes in framing lumber and flooring you will need the most powerful you can find. On the flipside of that if you are going to be hanging a few pictures up around the home in a plaster wall you won’t need an overly powerful drill. Our recommendations give you a few powerful choices and also a good ‘middle ground’ that should be able to be used for any job.


A clutch is not JUST found in a stick shift car. You will also need to be aware of the clutch when you are looking for a good cordless drill and these are normally only found on cordless drills. These are located just behind the chuck and they will disengage the drive shaft from the drill that will make a clicking sound and that is when a certain level of resistance is found.

The reason you need to make sure that your cordless drill has one, especially if you are looking for one to use with heavy duty jobs is because without it you could break the drill and overheat it. So another thing you want to look for is the clutch.


This is similar to power expect you want to look for a good variable speeds and this way it does not matter what you are drilling into you will find that you have a speed that will be most effective. This can make tough jobs quicker and it will also make the drill easier to use. The best option to go for if you are going to be drilling a lot of different surfaces is a variable speed and that will really speed the work up.

Batteries and Charge

With a cordless drill this is definitely something that you want to look at. If you want the longest charge time then go for a NiMH battery they are smaller and will run longer and the other thing to look for is charge time. Some of the best charge times can be as low as 15 minutes for a complete charge but as a rule of thumb you will be looking at about 2 to 3 hours for a full charge with most cordless drills. Remember, that the FASTER the charge normally means that the more frequent you will have to make the charges and if you have a long charge time you will have to charge less often.

We will now take a look at our top two choices we would recommend starting with and WHY we picked them.