If you have a feline companion, there is no doubt that you are going to want to make her as happy as possible. Cats enjoy playing, and they can get very serious about their play. They also have close ties to their undomesticated family members, which means that they have a serious need to satisfy their primal instincts. While you can play with your cat with a ball or a string, your feline friend is going to need more activity to satisfy her instincts, and to keep her happy. So, what can you provide her with that will satisfy her and make her happy? How about a cat tree?

A cat tree is an excellent way to keep your kitty content, and to satisfy her primal instincts. It will offer her with opportunities to climb, jump, claw and do so much more; plus, it will save your furniture and other items in your home from serving as her source of entertainment. While a cat tree will certainly provide your feline family member with a lot of joy, finding the right one for her needs can be a bit of a challenge. There are so many different cat trees on the market, which can make it difficult to choose the best one. To help you on your quest for finding the best cat tree, we have put together this handy buyer’s guide. This guide highlights everything you need to know about buying a cat tree, including the different types that are available, the factors to consider when choosing one, the features that they can offer, and the best cat tree brands.

Types of Cat Trees

In order to find the best cat tree for your feline friend, the first thing you need to do is have an understanding of the different types of cat trees that are available. Cat trees vary based on their style; they can be simple with only a few features, or they can be more complex and loaded with features.

To differentiate between the different types of cat trees, they can be classified according to their size. With that said, there are two types of cat trees on the market:

To learn more about these two types of cat trees and what they offer, please keep on reading.

The Small Cat Tree

The small cat tree, is, as the name suggests, small in size. This type of cat tree usually contains a single platform, which is joined together by two posts. The platform is typically located on the top of the cat tree, with the two posts serving as the base. The platform is the ideal spot for your cat to climb and take a nap, or to look out of the window or around your house and see what is going on in the world, just like she would do if she were in the wild. The two posts, which are usually located on the bottom of the small cat tree, serve as an excellent location for your cat to scratch her claws and slink around. If you only have one cat, or you are limited on space, a small cat tree is an excellent choice for you. This type of cat tree typically measures 1 foot to 1 ½ feet wide, and the height varies.

The Large Cat Tree

If you are looking for a more elaborate cat tree for your feline companion, a large cat tree is the way to go. As the name suggests, this type of cat tree is larger in size; offering up to eight levels and various posts. Each level of the large cat tree is connected together by posts and platforms. The large cat tree offers your cat multiple locations to sleep or to view the world. This type of cat tree also usually offers a cave, which your kitty will be able to hide out in and enjoy playing or acting out primal instincts. The large cat tree also often contains vary play pieces, which are attached to it, including feathers, bells, strings and other items that cats enjoy playing with. The size of large cat trees varies, but it usually ranges from 1.5 to 9 feet wide. If you have multiple cats, or if you have a large area to place it, the large cat tree is a great choice. Of course, keep in mind that large cat trees are usually more expensive than small cat trees.

Things to Consider When Purchasing a Cat Tree

There are a number of factors that you are going to want to take into consideration when you are choosing a cat tree for your home. By considering these factors, you will be able to choose the best cat tree for your cat, and for your specific needs. Some of the most important factors to take into consideration include the size of the cat tree, the number of cats you have, and the assembly, among other things. To learn more about the factors that we think are the most important to take into consideration when choosing a cat tree, please keep on reading.

The Size of the Cat Tree

One of the most important factors to take into consideration when shopping for a cat tree is its size. The amount of space you have to dedicate to the cat tree will directly impact the size of the cat tree that you should purchase. If you have limited space, a small cat tree is the best option; however, if you have more space to accommodate this structure, you may want to consider buying the larger version. To determine what size will work best for you, measure the area where you plan on placing the cat tree, including the length, the width, the depth and the height. Take these measurements with you when you are shopping so you can compare them to the cat trees you are considering. Doing so will allow you to find the right sized cat tree for your needs.

The Number of Cats You Have

How many cats do you have? This is an important factor to consider because the more cats you have, the larger the cat tree you will want to have. Having several cats try to share a small cat tree could result in issues, such as territorial spats, which could lead to, for lack of a better word, cat fights. You want to make sure that you have enough room for all of your cats to enjoy this play space, so if you have several cats, a large cat tree will be a wise investment. However, if you only have one cat, a small cat tree may work just fine; but, keep in mind that if you want to provide your only cat with more flexibility and more play options, than a large cat tree may be a better choice.

The Assembly of the Cat Tree

Most cat trees will come ready to assemble, which means that you will have to put the structure together yourself. The easier the cat tree is to put together, the better. Cat trees that offer easy to follow instructions and clearly labeled parts are the easiest to build. Make sure you read the owner’s manual to determine how easy it will be to build your cat tree.

The Stability of the Cat Tree

Another important factor to take into consideration when purchasing a cat tree is the stability of the structure. The last thing you want is to have your cat climbing or scratching on a cat tree that cannot accommodate her weight, or that is poorly constructed, as this could result in the tree falling apart of falling over. If this happens, not only is your cat in danger of being injured, but so are you; and the items in your home are at risk of being damaged. The best cat trees car constructed of durable materials and can handle a lot of movement and weight.

The Shape of the Cat Tree

Cat trees are available in an assortment of shapes. They can be triangular, round, or a solid square. To determine which shape will work best for you, consider the space you plan on placing the cat tree in. You want to make sure that the arches and slopes of the cat tree will fit into the space that you have allotted for it.

Your Style

It may seem frivolous, but your style is another important factor to take into consideration when purchasing a cat tree. Cat trees come in a variety of styles and colors, and since it is going to be a fixture that is permanently out in your home and that you and others will be able to see, you want to make sure that the style suits your taste.

The Materials of the Cat Tree

Cat trees can be constructed of a multitude of materials. These materials will not only impact the way your cat uses and enjoys the tree, but it will also impact the longevity of the piece. If you want your cat to be able to claw away, pounce, swat and climb the cat tree without having to worry about it falling apart in a few months, and if you want it to last a long time, look for a cat tree that is constructed of higher quality materials. A cat tree that is constructed of high quality materials will last you a lot longer, and will ensure the safety and happiness of your cat.

The Maintenance of the Cat Tree

In order to keep your cat tree in good condition and to extend its lifespan, you are going to want to choose one that is easy to maintain. The cat tree will collect hair, dander, dirt and debris as your cat uses it, and all of this will need to be cleaned off in order to keep the structure in good condition. The best cat trees are easy to clean. They have covers that can be removed and washed in the washing machine, or they can be easily vacuumed. They can also be taken apart so that you can give them a proper cleaning from time to time.

The Price of the Cat Tree

Lastly, the price of the cat tree is a factor that you are going to want to take into consideration. These structures can vary widely in price, with the most basic models costing around $20, and the higher end models costing upwards of $50 or more. Remember that the larger the cat tree is and the more features it offers, the more expensive it will be. Make sure you know how much you want to spend before you start shopping so you don’t spend more than you are comfortable with.

Features Cat Trees Can Offer

Cat trees can come equipped with a number of features. These features are intended to make the cat tree more interactive and entertaining for your cat, and easier for you to maintain.

Scratching Posts

Cat trees can come equipped with specialty scratching posts, which are designed to withstand the strength of your cats claws, and allow your cat to satisfy those primal instincts.

Hanging Toys

Cats love to swat at things, and cat trees that feature hanging toys allow them to do just that. Hanging toys can consist of features, balls, bells and a number of other things, heightening the engagement and enjoyment factor.

Hiding Holes

Cats love to sleep in caves, and cat trees that offer this feature will provide your feline friend with a safe and comfortable space to sleep.

Top Cat Tree Brands

If you want a quality cat tree that will last a long time and provide your cat with tons of entertainment, consider purchasing one from one of these manufacturers.

The Refined Feline

These cat trees are designed by a cat owner who wanted to provide a place for his cat to enjoy. Their cat trees offer a number of features and are very durably constructed.

Go Pet Club

The cat trees made by Go Pet Club are durable, offer various features, and are designed to last. Your cat will have get tons of enjoyment out of one of these cat trees.


This is another top manufacturer of cat trees. Their products are thoughtfully designed and boast a variety of features that your cat will be sure to love.