Different Types of Camcorders

There are three main types of camcorder, which include:

Each one of these three types of camcorders offers different benefits. It is important to understand the difference between each of these camcorders so that you can choose the best option for your needs.

The Pocket Camcorder

If you are someone who is always on the go, or you want to have a compact and lightweight camcorder that you can easily take with you, then a pocket camcorder is a good option for you. These camcorders are small, yet durable and they can be easily packed away and taken with you wherever you are going. Most pocket camcorders can be connected to a computer so that you can upload your videos onto your favorite social media sites, or so you can share them via email, or even edit them. The downside of a pocket camcorder, however, is that it usually offers the lowest video and sound quality, which is the result of its smaller size.

The Digital Camcorder

There are a few different types of digital camcorders available, which include:

The Three Dimensional (3D) Camcorder

The three dimensional, or 3D, camcorder takes videos that offer incredibly realistic graphics, which makes the videos they record seem almost lifelike. You will need to have a three dimensional television and you will need to wear a pair of 3D glasses in order to properly view the videos you take, and the results are very lifelike.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Camcorder

In order to find the best camcorder for your specific needs, there are a number of factors that you are going to want to take into consideration before you choose the one that you will buy. These factors include things like memory, size and ease of use, among other things. All of the factors that should be taken into consideration will have a direct impact on the type of videos you will take.

To learn more about the factors that we think are the most important to take into consideration when shopping for a camcorder, please keep on reading.

The Size

The size of the camcorder is an important factor to take into consideration. If you travel a lot or you always want to have a camcorder on hand so that you can record a video whenever you want to, a smaller, pocket sized camcorder is a great option. However, the smaller the camcorder, the lower the sound and video quality will be. If you want to take high quality videos, then a full sized camcorder is a better option for you.

Ease of Use

You want your camcorder to be as easy to use as possible. The more complicated it is to operate, the greater the likelihood will be that you will miss capturing those important moments. The best camcorders are those that are easy to operate, come with large and easy to control and set functions, and easy to follow user guide’s.

Clarity of the Footage You Record

You want the videos you take to come out as clear as possible. The best camcorders will take videos that offer exceptional clarity. The will be equipped with an image stabilizer, which will help to reduce shaking from your hands that can disrupt the quality of the video, especially when you are zooming in.

The Memory

Most camcorders come equipped with a decent amount of memory; however, the more memory it offers, the more information you will be able to store. If you plan on taking a lot of footage, you should look for a camcorder that offers a lot of memory, or you may want to purchase additional memory cards.

Do you want auto or manual?

Do you want to exercise control over your camcorder’s settings, or do you want to be able to push the ‘record’ button and have the device do all of the work? If the former speaks to you, than a manual camcorder may be a better option for you; if the latter is your preference, than an auto camcorder is a better choice for you.

The Price

You also want to take your budget into consideration when you are shopping for a camcorder. These devices can vary significantly in price; generally, the larger the camcorder is, the more memory it offers and the more features it boasts, the more expensive it will be. Make sure you know how much you want to spend before you start shopping for a camcorder so that you don’t overextend your budget.

Features that Camcorders Offer

Now that you know the difference between the types of camcorders that are available and the factors that you should take into consideration when you are shopping for one, now it’s time for you to understand the different features that are available. These features are intended to make the camcorder more versatile and easier to use, and allow them to take better, clear videos. It’s important to understand the different types of features that are available and what their intention is so that you can determine whether or not you want or need them.

A Viewfinder

Many shoppers are under the assumption that all camcorders come equipped with a viewfinder; however, that just isn’t the case anymore. As manufacturers are making smaller camcorders at less expensive prices, they are actually eliminating the viewfinder and instead rely on an LCD screen for viewing while you are recording. LCD screens can be beneficial; however, they do have some limitations. It can be difficult to see the images that you are recording on an LCD screen and you may have a difficult time holding the camera steady while you are filming; it is much easier to hold the camcorder steady to your eye and keep it steady while you are looking through a viewfinder.

Image Stabilizer

This feature is designed to counteract the effects of shaky hands and improve the quality of the videos that you take. An opitcal image stabilization is built right into the lens of the camcorder and will use sensors to counteract any small movements that the camera will make. A digital image stabilizer works by centering an image while recording, but they tend to reduce the resolution of the videos it takes.

External Microphone Port

Most camcorders come equipped with an internal microphone, and these are typically small and record low quality sound. With a camcorder that features an external microphone port, you will be able to greatly enhance the quality of sound that your videos will record.

Optical Zoom

A camcorder that features an optical zoom will allow the lenses of the camera to move in and out, allowing the lenses to get closer to an object and focus on it. This means that you will be able to take clearer images.

White Balance Control

The feature allows you to adjust the camera’s color balance circuitry to suite the color quality of the prevailing light and ensure that the white surfaces are accurately reproduced as neutral. Without a white balance feature, the camcorder will now know how to interpret the colors correctly.

A Warranty

Another important feature that you will want to look for is a warranty. Camcorders are an investment, and you want to protect your investment. If something should happen to the camcorder during the span of the warranty, you will be able to have it repaired or replaced, or you may even be able to have your money refunded. Make sure you fully understand the details of the warranty so that you know exactly what it covers.

The Best Camcorder Brands

There are a number of manufacturers that produce camcorders, which can make it difficult to determine which manufacturers are the best. We have conducted a lot of research, have read user reviews and have tested out several brands ourselves. After all of this, we have determined that the following camcorders are the best of the best.


Canon has been manufacturing cameras for generations, and their camcorders are some of the highest quality on the market. They boast an array of designs and features and boast the most cutting edge technologies. We liked how clear the images were that they produced and the quality of sound they offered.


Another popular and high quality camcorder brand is Samsung. This company makes some of the most innovative camcorders on the market that boast state of the art features and technologies and record high quality videos. Their camcorders offer excellent zoom and great clarity, and they are very easy to use.


Vivitar is a well respected brand in the camcorder industry. This company carries a wide range of camcorders that offer a variety of options and features. They even make waterproof models that can be used in precipitation and under water.


Sony has been producing high quality digital products for generations. This company produces some of the highest quality, most durable camcorders on the market. We really liked the variety of features that they offered and how incredible crisp that the videos are that they take.