What’s Included with The Best Brad Nailer

The main body comes with the drive cylinder. It needs to be made of aluminum or another protective metal that ensures some durability built-in.

The trigger mechanism and handle will feel comfortable to use single-handed. There may be a trigger protector to avoid accidental brad nail release.

A nail magazine is included where nail packs get slotted into position. Some magazines can hold up to 100 nails at a time.

A lithium ion battery comes with these types of nailers to provide a power source. Alternatively, another equally portable energy source will be available to ensure the wireless and cordless flexibility.

With models that offer both sequential and contact actuation, there is an easy-to-reach switch to flip between both modes.

An LED light near the front of the tool, powered by the battery, lights up the work area satisfactorily.

Thoughtful manufacturers include additional no-mar tips in the carrying case with quality models. A battery charger for use with the rechargeable battery comes in the box.

What to Know Before Making a Purchase

Look for a no-mar tip on the nailer model. Especially true when using the brad nailer for decorative work as you do not want to leave a mark after using this tool.

Some batteries include fuel cell options like smaller, lighter battery replacements. Batteries only last a couple of hours in most cases. Enough time to fire over 1,000 nails or more, per work session. Check what the manufacturer offers regarding alternative setups for longer work periods.

Other Considerations

Verify whether the tool comes with an LED light near the nose of the product. Additional illumination is helpful in places either with no power source or one that gets blocked when using the tool in a corner where the light cannot shine through.

Some models come with a lock-out switch that can protect against accidental discharge of a brad or blank firing when the nail magazine is empty.

Best Brands

Bosch is a German-based manufacturing company that now operates all over the world. The business makes power tools, kitchen appliances, and is one of the largest automotive part manufacturers too.

Senco manufacturer fasteners, nailers, and many other products for commercial and home environments. Founded in Ohio in 1935, the company still makes its devices in the USA.

Paslode manufactures framing systems, finishing products, and other tools to use on the exterior of the property. They have several types of staplers and nailers in their product line.

DeWalt manufacturer power tools, hand tools, air compressors, self-leveling lasers, and much more. The company makes tools both for the commercial and home markets.

What Consumers Say

Taking a look at consumers’ reviews, these are a few of the opinions most often voiced by buyers:

Solid wood: Oak and other stronger wood is suitable for a quality brad nailer, but perhaps not the cheaper brands that lack the power to push the nail in completely.

Cleaning: A brad nailer needs to be cleaned regularly to avoid accidental jams. For the occasional user this won’t be a problem if the tool is put away in its carry case between sessions, but for industrial users, semi-regular cleaning of their nailer will be necessary to avoid work stoppages.

Safety glasses: Whether the manufacturer thought to supply protective eyewear with their nailer model or not, it is important to wear them. Nails can sometimes not get driven successfully into the wood and can fly back at the user. For this reason alone, safety glasses are necessary.

Interchangeable batteries: Depending on the manufacturer, it is often possible to swap out batteries between power tools from the same company. The ability to keep working on finishing the task using a battery from another tool not being used at the time is handy, so buyers should consider purchasing power tools from the same company if they’re satisfied with their brad nailer model.

Quality lasts: As customers often discover with power tools, going cheap doesn’t usually pay because the product will break down sooner. Customer support is also not as good on the cheaper brands, so whenever possible, choose a company offering an excellent warranty that buyers can depend upon.