If you are serious about basketball the only way you are going to get REALLY good is with practice. Of course, this takes a lot of time and this is fine if you have the time to spend at the court all day, but what about when you want to practice but you don’t have time? Life can get in the way! Work commitments, too far to the nearest court and worst of all you know that the competition will get an edge on you if they have been practicing and putting the time in.

Even if you are not serious about basketball yet but you enjoy the sport you will definitely up your game by getting yourself a basketball hoop.

The problem is, and probably the reason that you landed on this page is that when you have decided you want to get a basketball hoop you will need a good one. You need something that will fit your needs and there is a lot of different choices. You get three quarter size basketball hoops that will not go to 10ft but a little bit lower, you also get basketball hoops that you can attach to a sturdy wall and you will also see freestanding options as well.

When you are selecting which one will work for you it will be different depending on how professional you want to go, for instance if you are playing competitively you will want to go for the same feel as a real basketball court hoop and these will be more expensive but the rebound, the weight and the height will be the same as the real thing. If you are not practicing using the same hoop it may not benefit you much.

Or if you are playing for fun, you still need to work out how high you want it to be, the amount of rebound and how easy it is to set up. As mentioned above you can see there is a lot of choice.

This is where we come in. At ConsumerEssentials we take the hard work out of picking a basketball hoop and have researched the very best across the internet and will give you our five top choices. We will tell you the pros and cons of each hoop and we have also researched customer feedback from people that have purchased these hoops so you know you are getting not just a bargain but also a basketball hoop you will be happy with.

So, if you want to up your game and be the best out there on the court – read on to see our top 5 choices.

Our Top #5 Basketball Hoops:

Our Top Choice: Spalding NBA “The Beast” Portable Basketball System

Best Overall Basketball Hoop

Spalding is as good as it gets in terms of basketball goods. You will see the best basketballs are Spalding and “The Beast” Portable basketball system is our top choice. It gives you a portable basketball system that will adjust from 7.5 feet to 10 feet and this is great as it can be set for all skill levels and age groups. If you want the official height set it to 10ft but if you are practicing and want to practice your lay-up’s you may find it easier with the lower height to begin with. It gives you a gray inset cover that will give you a good rebound during play and it also acts as a handle for pre-play movement.

The basketball hoop gives you a two-piece design and a 5 inch square angled pole system with a screw in water level gauge for the base cap. The beast will also give you a great 60 inch glass backboard and a pro image breakaway basketball rim as well as an all-weather white net.

Once you have this set you can simply fill with sand or water for stability.

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Goalrilla GS In-Ground Basketball Systems with Tempered Glass Backboard

For anyone who wants the best and doesn’t care about price!

This choice comes in at #2 and is actually the most professional solution. If you want something that is prefect for a professional outside court we think you will love this hoop. It gives you excellent rebound with a 3/8” thick tempered glass backboard.

This hoop will also allow you to adjust the height for 7.5 ft. to 10ft with the Crank Actuator which makes the whole process very simple. You also get an anchor system included that will install in the ground and allows the hoop to be moved if needed.

With a pro style breakaway rim that will flex under pressure and that will increase the playability and the safety of the hoop. This choice will also give you a limited lifetime warranty.

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Silverback 60″ In-Ground Basketball System with Tempered Glass Backboard

Most affordable choice…

This choice will give you a great basketball hoop and our most affordable choice, you are getting a professional solution here for under $1000 and that is very rare for a professional hoop. This in ground basketball hoop will give you a 60” x 33” backboard with 8mm tempered glass and an aluminium frame. It will also give you a 4” x 4” two piece steel pole that will give you rust protection and the goal height is also adjustable from 7.5ft to 10ft using an steel actuator.

You also receive a 5 year limited warranty and there are some extras in the way of a pole pad and a backboard pad as well plus an anchor kit as well. A great buy and the most affordable and it gives you quality too.

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Spalding NBA Hercules Portable Basketball System

Great colors if looking for style…

With this choice we move down a lot in price, but this may be what you are looking for and you will be able to pick up a quality basketball hoop for under $400. While the quality is very good we wouldn’t call this a professional solution but if you are getting started this is brilliant for practice.

You will get a 50” x 32” x 3.5mm acrylic backboard with 1”x1” steel frame and 16” offset which will make it more durable. You can also adjust this from 7.5ft to 10ft in 6 inch increments and the 3.5” thick steel pole comes in 3 pieces so this one it relatively easy to set up.

The base gives you a 39 gallon ballast for water to give it stability and it has 2 wheels for portability.

A great choice for practice:

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Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

A budget choice…

In at number 5 we have the Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System and this is a great basketball hoop and if you are searching for the lowest price just for some practice this is well worth a look. It will not give you a hoop that is as sturdy as the above solutions and it is not a professional solution but it IS a good choice if you want to save on money.

Although this is backed by a 5 year warranty so for the price you really are getting a bargain with this choice.

You will also be able to easily adjust the height from 7.5 ft. to 10ft and the backboard is solid and made from polyethylene which is heavy duty and despite the price should be easily able to withstand heavy sessions.

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What To Look For In A Basketball Hoop?

We are now going to run through a few considerations you should check when you are looking for a basketball hoop and it will help you get one that will suit you for practice or professional training. As you go through this list have a think about what you need from a basketball hoop to make sure you get one you are happy with.

Size and Quality

This is where basketball hoops differ greatly and you will find the main difference apart from the price is whether they are regulation size and can be adjusted to 10ft. You need to make sure that before you purchase if you are looking for a regulation basketball hoop you can raise it to 10ft.

Another big part of the quality is down to the base and some basketball hoops use a different materials for the frame and the base, so again the more expensive you go the more like a real regulation basketball hoop you are getting with the same weight and rebound for the ball.

Set Up

The next piece of the puzzle is the set up and you will have to pick from a mobile or fixed goal. As a rule you will find a fixed goal is far more sturdy and more of a professional solution. If you have a good mobile basketball hoop in the higher price range it is almost as solid and you will be able to move it around as well.

Professional or Hobby?

This is the next thing to consider. As mentioned above if you are going for a professional solution you need something that will match all of the regulation requirements. We recommend this as if you practice on a ‘make-do’ hoop you may find that the practice doesn’t pay off on the court in a game. That said, you may be looking for something just to have fun with and that gives you a sturdy hoop to use.

Either way we have explored both groups on this site and you will find a basketball hoop to meet your needs.


This is the big one. Of course price is always a consideration however we suggest if you want quality you do not make it the first consideration. If you are looking for a professional basketball hoop you will always be looking at over $1000 and it does not matter if it is fixed or portable you will end up paying the top price. That said, you will find some great professional solutions on this site and they are very well priced.

We will now give you a closer look at the Spalding NBA “The Beast” Portable Basketball System which is our top choice. We will explain why this is a great choice specifically looking at the features above and how our top choice shapes up.

Our Top Choice: Spalding NBA “The Beast” Portable Basketball System

Size and Quality:

The Spalding NBA “The Beast” Portable Basketball System ticks all the boxes because it is so versatile. You can use this from 7.5 feet to 10 feet and it uses an easy to use screwjack adjustment system and is also easily portable using the multi-wheeled castors with engaging handle.

So you are able to move this around with ease when needed but it will also give you quality as well.

The base is very sturdy and you will be able to fill this with sand if you want it to be really solid. It also gives you a great frame, and this is something you need to make sure you have on a mobile basketball hoop. It has a four-strut pole/base mount to give it extra rigidity.

When you do need to move it you have four wheels with castors and the engaging handle make it very portable and easier to move.

Set Up:

In terms of set up this choice is a winner. It is really easy to set up and this is because you have three ways of setting up a basketball hoop – wall mount, in ground and portable.

If you go for wall mount they can be good as a quick solution and they will not take up any room on the ground however you will need to make sure you have a decent mounting kit and if you get it wrong you can end up with a rickety hoop. In ground hoops are great but they will need to be cemented into the ground and to do this you will often need a professional.

Portable systems require minimal installation and you can fill the base with sand to make it sturdy. Our top choice gives you a very sturdy and portable basketball hoop.

You can also store this once you have finished with it and it is not difficult to pack away.

Professional Or Hobby?

Our top choice is a professional solution and the materials are all the same that you will find on a real basketball court so you are getting the real deal. However, the reason that it is our top choice is because you can also use this if you are looking for something to use just as a hobby, it is that good.


Our top choice gives you a great price and while it is not the cheapest it definitely gives you great value for money. If you are looking for the best all-rounder and a basketball hoop that you can use for years have a look at this choice.

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Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System

Best Hoop To Save Money…

Although we had this as our 5th choice in the list above it comes in at second for a great budget basketball hoop. If after reading you are just looking to save money you need to give this a close look. ALL our choices are great value for money but if you are looking just to play basketball as a hobby and get some practice it you will love this choice.

This will also give you a portable solution and you will be able to use the 10ft height which is regulation height. People look at the Lifetime 1221 Pro Court Height Adjustable Portable Basketball System and the thing that may worry you the most is that it is not robust enough, however looking at the customer reviews you will be getting a great basketball hoop at an absolute steal.

The only downside for this one, and it is to be expected due to the price is the polyethylene construction that will not give you much of a bounce for the ball, this one is definitely targeted toward people that will be playing as a hobby.

With a 5 year warranty, portable and a robust design though, if you want a great basketball hoop you need to check this one out.