Choosing the best Baby Carriers in 2015

The #1 concern for any new parent is the safety of their baby. You don’t want to let them out of your sight for a minute and we don’t blame you! The problem is that even with a baby the pressures of life do not stop and it certainly does not slow down! However, to help you keep your baby close and also to give you peace of mind you can use a baby carrier. The problem is that the most precious thing to you is your baby so you need to make sure that you get a baby carrier that is safe, comfortable for you and your baby and also something that will last a long time.

This can be tricky to do and unless you have previous knowledge or recommendations you will see that the baby market online and more specifically baby carriers is HUGE! Here at Consumer Essentials we have researched across the web to give you our pick of the 5 best baby carriers. We obviously put safety first and we did this by having a look at the feedback these carriers are getting not just from one site but from across the entire internet and then we give you our top choices. Straight after safety for your baby we looked at how comfortable they were to wear and extra features and then of course we have tried to get the best deals for you and your baby.

Read on below and you will be able to see our 5 top choices and also get an overview of each one and then we will tell you what to look for in any baby carrier and indeed what we looked at to make our selection and then we give you our top two choices out of the bunch.

We are sure you will find a baby carrier you will be very pleased with!

#1 Most Recommended: Infantino Swift Classic Carrier

This is our top choice and it is also one of the best-selling on You will find that it gives you a great price, and a very good product. It will give you a 100% cotton carrier that will increase comfort and it will also give you an ideal weight classification so you know if it is right for your baby. This carrier recommends an 8-25 pound limit and it will give you padded shoulder straps for comfort so you will be able to wear this for long periods without getting uncomfortable.

You will also find this is a breeze to clean and is 100% machine washable and if there are any accidents it is easy to wipe clean as well.

For your baby you will also get padded head support and you will also be able to adjust so you are comfortable but also so it keeps movement at a minimum for your baby with the easy to use side straps.

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#2 Most Comfortable: Infantino Sash Mei Tai Carrier

This is a really good baby carrier and will give you a slightly different style and the best way to explain the style is if you are looking for something that is a bit lighter. It will give you a great fit but it also gives you some extra movement as well. The main benefit of this carrier is if you are looking for something that will support your baby in a natural seated position and that will be comfortable for your baby and in some cases the mother (or father) prefers this too. It also gives you an optional detachable hood that will protect the baby and gives you a Mei Tai design that will give you maximum comfort and flexibility as well. There is also a lumbar support that will help relieve shoulder pressure and you will also get extra wide padded straps. This is a great choice if you want to go for the most light and comfortable.

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#3 Another Great Choice: BABYBJORN Baby Carrier

If you are looking for a ‘go to’ brand we would say the BabyBjorn carrier is the place to go. This will give you a great baby carrier and is very comfortable, the only reason we did not have this higher is because we feel the top two give you some extra features in terms of comfort and safety. However, this use to be the top seller and will give you a 100% cotton baby carrier you will also find this really easy to use and it allows you to keep your baby close and comfortable so if you are going for a more secure fit this might before you. In fact, you will find this perfect for new-born and growing babies so if you have a younger baby this is well worth considering.

This has also been designed to give special support to the baby’s head, neck, back and hips as well.

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#4 Great Savings: Mo+m Classic Cotton Baby Carrier

If you are after the best deals and you want something that is more styled in the ‘backpack’ fashion this may be the choice for you.

This choice will give you a great style and it is also more fashioned like a baby sling. The main emphasis on this model is comfort for you and your baby and it claims to not strain your back as it will redistribute the baby’s weight and alleviate pressure. You will also get a padded wrist strap and thick arm straps as well that will ensure comfort and even when you are wearing your baby for hours you will find this comfortable.

It also claims to be so comfortable that your baby will sleep in it and it will give you a vented, mesh window that will allow a cool breeze on your babies back and will keep them warm but also stop them from getting too hot.

This is an excellent choice if you want to go for a budget option but also something really comfortable.

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#5 Different Style: SnuggBugg Baby Wrap

This will give you more of a wrap than a carrier but you may be looking for this style and some people prefer it if you want something far less bulky.

In fact this is another model that is more of a sling than a carrier but nevertheless we thought we would put it in our choices because it gives you a great price and also a single piece construction that means you will not get any buckles or straps and you will not have any chance of discomfort for you or your baby sure to rubbing. If you are looking for a different style this may be well worth a look.

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We will now give you an idea of a few things to look for when you are picking a baby carrier and what we actually looked for when we were picking out our top choices.

The Different Types Of Baby Carriers And Pros And Cons:

There are a few different types of carriers that are available to you for your baby and they all have pros and cons. You need to make sure that you get a carrier that will make you feel comfortable and something that is easy to use.

You will also need to make sure that any carrier you pick will be sturdy enough to use on a daily basis and be able to not wear out too quickly sue to the repeated washing.

For this reason we recommend that even when you have picked your baby carrier you hold on to your receipt so you can change it to a different style if you need too.

The most common baby carriers are:

Sling or wrap Carriers:

We have reviewed two of these on this page and they will give you the softest choice. The main benefit of these is that they will be the most comfortable and they will not give you any straps or anything that can rub. This is great if you want a comfort but you need to understand that the benefits of a sling carrier can also be a downside as they will not provide as much support for the baby’s head and neck. You need to make sure that the baby heads does not go forward in a “C” shape as this can be a suffocation hazard and we think you should start off with a more robust carrier that gives you extra support if you are a new mom or dad.

Front Carriers:

These are also structured to stay comfortable and can be used form birth and they will normally have the baby facing the parent however some designs have the baby facing outward. The way these work is by distributing the weight evenly between the shoulders and the hips to ease the strain on the parents back.

Backpack Carriers:

This are similar to the front carriers but they are more in a backpack style and you will find that the main benefit of these is comfort to the parent. If you are taking your baby long distances then you will be able to carry the weight far more easily using this style of carrier. We have reviewed one type of carrier that will give you a backpack style and the only downside that we can see is that if your child is still very young you will not be able to actively see them. However they tend to be the most robust and they will hold your baby safely but due to the style we would recommend these for older babies.

We will now give you our top choices from the picks above to make sure you get a baby carrier we think you will be very happy with.

Our Top Choice: Infantino Swift Classic Carrier

We are sticking with the most recommended from above as our top choice. This is the top seller on and that should tell you something. It also gives you a fantastic product as it takes the pros of a carrier which is extra safety and also the styling of a sling so you will be able to move around a little easier with this choice.

We also had a long at the customer reviews and they are great. Most people have given this five star feedback and you will be getting something that you can use everyday. The only thing we would bear in mind is that a few reviews said that if you are using this to carry more than 7kg it can get a little heavy quite quickly. Apart from this you will also find that the price is great and you will be able to pick this up for just $17.88 at the time of writing so it is very well priced.

If you are looking for a classic style and something that we would highly recommend if you are a new mom or dad we recommend you give this one a good look.

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Second Pick: BABYBJORN Baby Carrier

Although the BABYBJORN Baby Carrier was not our second pick above if you are looking for us to guide you then we recommend checking this one out as it gives you one of the best-selling baby carriers on and looking through the features we think this is a great choice if you are not going for our top choice.

If you are worried about comfort for you and your baby this is a great choice as it will hold your baby secure but it also gives you a lot of padding so we think you will love how secure your baby is. Again, with this one we had a good look at the customer opinion.

The majority of the reviews gave this five star feedback and you will also find that this is quite versatile as you can have it as a backpack style or you can have your baby riding at the front. The only downside of this choice is that some reviews said that it was quite difficult to get used to and you will need a surface to put your baby on when you are starting to use this. Once you get going with it though you will love it and it used to be the best selling on In terms of price you can pick up this baby carrier for just $59.99 and that will give you a 25% saving at the time of writing so it does work out a little bit more pricy than our top choice.

One of the things to consider with this choice is that it is also adjustable so as your baby grows you will be able to adjust the size with the adjustment buckle so you will get a lot of use out of this carrier.

If you are looking for something that is comfortable but also sturdy enough to use all day then you need to check this out.