Need a little something to keep your baby occupied while you clean up the house, take a shower, or take the dog out to go to the bathroom? Finding even just a couple minutes to do anything while your baby is awake can be really hard, especially if you’re the only parent staying at home to watch him or her! If you want a little “me time” or just need to do something your best bet is probably a baby bouncer.

Baby bouncers are designed to keep your baby engaged by giving them a little mobility to “bounce” around. Most usually include a few toys to grab their attention, too. The more modern and advanced models even play music and have interactive games to help stimulate your baby and give you those few minutes of freedom to do whatever you like.

Picking out the perfect bouncer isn’t easy work, though. There are thousands of these awesome little toys on the market from different brands. Some are cheap, some are a bit pricey. Some offer a lot to keep your baby interested while others are quite basic. To help you narrow down the selections we’ve provided a list of our top 5 favorite bouncers below.

Our Top 5 Baby Bouncers

We know that shopping for stuff for your child can be hard. You want to make sure they get the very best, but you don’t want to get burned on item either. Plus, there are so many choices and varying opinions of each one that it can be downright stressful to find the right product. That’s why we created the list below. We tested dozens of different baby bouncers to find out which ones were the most engaging for babies, which helped keep them active, which helped them get their energy out and eventually fall to sleep, and more. Check out the list below to find out which products we thought proved to be the best baby bouncers on the market today.

Most Recommended: 4Moms Mamaroo Bouncer

The ultimate modern marvel to keep your baby occupied.

The Mamaroo is easily the most advanced and effective bouncer available. It provides 5 unique motions, has a reclining seat with full range of motion, an overhead toy mobile, removable & machine-washable seat, has built-in sounds and can support MP3 players to use your own playlist, comes in several different colors, and can support babies up to 25 pounds. It is also Bluetooth enabled which allows the parent to control things like the motion, sounds, speed, and overall volume all from a smartphone or tablet.

Check the price on Amazon right here.

#2 – Fisher-Price Rainforest Jumperoo

A classic-style bouncer with plenty of toys and color.

The Rainforest Jumperoo is an excellent bouncer from Fisher-Price. It has several different adorable animal and bug play toys, light-up buttons, music, fun sounds, and a big, comfy seat. Plus, the entire thing is very durable, easy to clean, and doesn’t tip over easily. The seat even rotates to allow babies to both bounce and spin around while playing and keeping themselves busy. The bouncer provides tons of comfort, security, and interactive stimulation. It’s incredibly easy to use, breaks down easily for easy storage, and it encourages healthy development of your child by stimulating both visual and auditory senses and helping to improve motor skills.

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#3 – Fisher-Price Luv U Zoo Jumperoo

Another popular and highly effective bouncer from Fisher-Price.

Another excellent choice from Fisher-Price is the Luv U Zoo Jumperoo. It, too, features many cute little critters for you baby to play with as well as light-up components, engaging sounds, and fun music to bounce around to. The seat on this model also rotates to give the baby the ability to move around and see everything that’s going on around them. This model also has adjustable height options to better accommodate your child as he or she grows. The frame, as well as the rest of the unit, is made from durable materials that don’t give under pressure. The unit doesn’t tip or fall over, either. This Jumperoo comes apart to assist with storage, too. It is quick and easy to set up and only requires 3 AA batteries to run lights, sounds, and music. The maximum weight for this model is 25 pounds. The height adjustments will fit children up to 32 inches in height.

Check the price on Amazon right here.

#4 – Fisher-Price Deluxe Bouncer

A super cozy bouncer that doubles as a sleeper.

Yes, we know.. Fisher-Price seems to be highly favored here. Well, that’s because they make awesome products! The Deluxe Bouncer is yet another great choice for parents looking for an affordable bouncer. This one not only serves as a great tool for playtime, but it also doubles as a sleeper for when baby gets tuckered out and needs to rest! It has a very soft and snuggly seat, plays eight different songs or nature sounds, has a vibration mode to help calm your baby, and a little bird mobile to keep them entertained. A small control panel located on the front allows the parent to change settings such as volume, vibration modes, song selection, and more.

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#5 – Tiny Love Gymini Bouncer

A very colorful bouncer that provides tons of mental and visual stimulation.

Loaded with toys that hang on the arches, music and lights to hold the interest of your baby during their active times, vibration modes to help calm your baby once playtime is over, and a very comfy seat, this Tiny Love bouncer is a wonderful little gadget to have on hand. It comes with multiple little toys including a soft hippo, teething rings, an interactive crab, and more. The crab plays different music and lights up. The arches are also adjustable to make it easier for the baby to reach or easier for you to get your infant in and out of the device. It’s very safe and secure, too. Plus, it’s very soft and well cushioned to keep your baby happy as well.

Check the price on Amazon right here.

The Perfect Parent’s Guide to Buying a Baby Bouncer

Picking out a baby bouncer is tough. No, it’s not choosing a crib or picking out a name tough, but it’s still hard. Nearly every baby-related brand on the planet has at least three different bouncers available. Some are similar while others offer vastly different features. Some models are designed to double as sleepers, some are classical, some are modern… wow… talk about variety! All of these details can make any parent’s head spin. Don’t get too overwhelmed, though, Consumer Essentials is here to help.

Below we’ve developed a quick and easy buying guide for purchasing a baby bouncer. We tell you exactly what features are the most common, which features you want the most and why, and much more. This guide will help you better determine which bouncer is best for you and your baby.

Wide and Sturdy

One of the most important aspects of any bounce is its overall construction. Because your baby is supposed to play and jump around in these devices you definitely want to find one that is rather wide and is well-built. Why? Well, it should be obvious. We don’t want these things tipping or falling over!

When it comes to babies, safety is always a major concern. The last thing you want is for the bouncer to roll over and have your precious little one tumble to the ground. That would be awful! Even if the baby doesn’t get hurt in the process it would still scare the living daylights out of them and probably cause them to cry! To avoid this, you definitely want to buy a bouncer that is quite wide and has a very strong base.

Washable Cushions

Another big thing to look for is washable cushions. Most bouncers these days give you the ability to easily detach the cushions from the device and stick them in the washer. This is a must-have. Babies will always find a way to make a nasty mess at some point. Whether it’s food or a diaper malfunction, it’s bound to happen. So, it’s pretty important that a bouncer come equipped with cushions that can be taken off and washed. Obviously, you can wash them by hand if need be, but it’s always a bonus to make sure that all of the cushions on the device are washer-safe.

Rock and Vibe

Some of the more modern and pricier bouncer models have electronic rocking or vibration options. These are designed to help soothe, calm, and (hopefully) put your baby to sleep. If these are features that sound good to you, by all means, get one that has it. It’s not necessary, but the rocking and vibration abilities are actually very helpful for getting a fussy baby to chill out or, better yet, pass out. If you do decide to opt for these features, look for a model that has adjustable modes. Not every baby likes rugged vibrations, so being able to change the intensity helps a lot.

Overall Fun Factor

The whole purpose of a baby bouncer is for it to keep your baby intrigued and occupied. In order to accomplish this the unit is going to need some backup – in the form of toys and aids. Classic models will just have a few little toys that the baby can mess around with. Modern versions, however, often feature music, lights, and other nifty electronics to keep your baby interested, too.


Another great option to look for is the ability to fold up for easy storage. It’s not always possible on every bouncer since some do have electronic components permanently hard-wired into the device, but some of the more basic bouncers allow you to quickly and easily break them down and put them away in a small space such as a storage closet.

Our #1 Recommendation: Full Review of the 4Moms Mamaroo Bouncer

The Mamaroo is a very high-quality and incredibly awesome bouncer. It actually operates a lot like a baby swing, but has bouncer features, too. It is capable of 5 different motions, has multiple nature sounds built-in for soothing your child, has the ability to connect to MP3 players for your own custom baby sound or music collection, doesn’t require any batteries, has a nifty little mobile for baby to play with, and comes in more than 6 different colors. Below is our full review of this bouncer.

Very Stimulating

Don’t let the rather plain-looking appearance fool you, this bouncer will keep your baby occupied for hours. It moves in a number of different ways, plays sounds and music, and has a cute little mobile. It’s everything you need to keep your baby busy.

The motions include:

In other words, it rocks back and forth, sways side to side, and more. These motions often mimic a lot of the movements you as a parent would execute to help calm, soothe, or get your baby laughing. It’s comforting and it works well for keeping them focused on the bouncer. The system works exceptionally well for calming down a fussy infant, too.

A Modern Touch

This thing is not only awesome for keeping your baby engaged, but it even looks pretty cool. It’s not like a typical bouncer that just looks like an odd contraption of plastic toys and lights. Mamaroo is egg-shaped and looks like the captain’s chair of a space ship. Yeah, it’s that awesome. Plus, it doesn’t take batteries. Instead, it plugs into an outlet on the wall for power. That’s more convenient than having to worry about finding AA batteries and changing them out every so often.

Multiple Recline Options

The seat on this bouncer is pretty neat, too. It’s able to adjust to recline in any position, including a completely flat recline. This will help you get your baby comfortable no matter if they want to sit up and play or lay down and sleep. It’s very easy to adjust, too.

Modern Controls

Want to be able to adjust settings on the bouncer without having to actually go over to it and disrupt your baby’s play or sleep time? That’s not an issue with the Mamaroo. This bouncer is so advanced it’s actually got a companion app that you can use on your smartphone or tablet to adjust settings. That’s right, you can simply down an app to your phone or other mobile device and change the music, motion, vibration mode, and more with a few button presses. It’s very neat. This is definitely a nice 2015 touch and makes the whole thing feel way more intuitive and cutting-edge than other bouncers.


While the Mamaroo is definitely the coolest bouncer you can get for your child and they will love playing with it, there will come a time where they’ll need to move on. The bouncer only support children up to 25 pounds. The manufacturer even claims that once your baby is able to sit up without assistance, it’s time to stop using the bouncer.

The Mamaroo is available in several colors including grey, designer plush, multi plush, silver plush, and black. Unfortunately, unlike other bouncers, this one doesn’t break down into a more compact size for easy storage. It measures 26.2 x 9.2 x 22.5 inches and weighs roughly 21 pounds.

Check the price on Amazon right here.

Affordable All-Rounder Option: Graco Bumper Jumper

Looking for a bouncer that’s very affordable and can still keep your baby active and fuss-free for a little while? Well, you may want to check out the Graco Bumper Jumper. This is a very classical-style bouncer. It may be minimalistic, but it still serves its purpose. Below is our full review of this nifty little device.

Classic Doorway Style

This is probably the kind of bouncer you or your siblings played in when you were just babies. It has a very classic style in the fact that it requires a doorway for use and doesn’t have any electronic components. It attaches to a doorway frame easily using a special grip attachment and stays there securely while your baby bounces and plays. The clamping gripper doesn’t leave any marks on wood or the frame of the door, either.

Toys for Playing

This model may not come with flashy lights, an MP3 player dock, or even have sounds or songs to play, but it still comes with a few essential toys to keep your young one occupied. Two small, soft toys are included with every purchase. These can be attached to included play rings which go on the straps on both sides of the jumper. This allows your child to play without having to worry about the toys falling off.

Large Tray

In addition to toys there’s also a toy tray. This is a moderate-sized flat surface that can be used for additional toys such as rattles and plush animals. Obviously these toys can be thrown or dropped, though, which means you’ll have to keep an eye out to pick up your child’s toys as they hit the ground.