When it comes to keeping fit or improving your lifestyle one of the key areas is consistency. It can be hard work to build up the discipline needed to lose weight, build muscle or even just improve your general well-being. Fortunately there are many tools that can help with this and one of the best is an activity tracker.

These fitness aids will allow you to see exactly how you close you are to meeting your fitness goals every day. They range from a basic activity tracker that will be great if you just want to measure the amount of steps you are taking, all the way to a more advanced tracker that will allow you to set personal goals, challenges and even connect online and see all of your data.

Here at ConsumerEssentials , we are here to help you find the perfect activity tracker, we have complied the top activity trackers in terms of features and price. We have also had a look at analysed the consumer feedback across the web for each product so you are able to make a more informed buying decision.

That way you know you will be getting an activity tracker that will meet your needs, help you reach your fitness goals and also allow you to grab the best deal available.

Our Top 5 Activity Trackers

Below you will find our top 5 activity trackers, all of these options are available on Amazon.com to buy and they are all the highest rated in terms of functions and the customer feedback. We have also taken price into consideration and any deals and discounts that are available so you are sure to grab a bargain as well.

Most recommended: Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

Excellent Wireless Activity Tracker with A Sleep Tracker Too!

Fitbit is a well-known brand that excels in activity trackers, weighing scales and fitness gadgets. They are the market leaders and if you are serious about your fitness then you will not find a better activity tracker than the Fitbit Flex. It will give you the ability to track steps, distance and calories burned. You will also be able to see your active minutes and it gives you a sleep tracker as well so you will get an all-round picture of your health. The sleep tracker will monitor how long you sleep and also the quality of your sleep and it has the ability to wake you with a silent, vibrating alarm – this means it wakes you and not your partner. You will also get LED lights that show you how close you are to your fitness goals and how much activity you have left to do to reach your targets.

The device is comfortable, easy to wear for long periods and it also gives you two different sizes to pick from with both a small and a large wristband available with an interchangeable clasp. This will also sync your stats wirelessly to your computer or smartphone and is compatible with over 250 smartphone models.

This is the bestselling activity tracker and it is easy to see why!

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#2 – Polar Loop Activity Tracker

Another Great Activity Tracker With A Wide Range Of Features And A Great Price!

The Polar Loop is a great activity tracker and this will also track your activity levels 24/7. This is easily worn on the wrist and made for comfort and it will give you guidance and motivation to reach your daily fitness goals.

The device will show your daily activity, calories burned, steps taken, time of day and even gives you feedback on your activity to let you know how far you are from your fitness goals. It gives you feedback on an 85 LED display and this is one of the main selling points of this product, it means you can see whether you have more activity to do at a glance and also when you are on par for your fitness goals.

This will also give you a sleep tracker that will monitor your sleep patterns – this can help you see how long you are sleeping and even the quality of the sleep you are getting. You will also get all of your information and stats automatically synced to the free Polar Flow app and training community via Bluetooth.

Added features of the Polar Loop is that it is waterproof for swimming and has a rechargeable battery. Battery life is ample at 5 days of continuous use and it even gives you the ability to expand and use the Polar H6 or H7 as a Bluetooth smart heart rate monitor.

This activity tracker may be the choice for you especially if you want the added feature of it being waterproof and the LED display that lets you see how close you are to your goals at a glance.

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#3 Fitbit Charge Wireless Activity Wristband

Similar to our top choice with just the features you need!

The Fitbit Charge will give you an alternative to our top choice and stays focused on the features you need from a really good activity tracker. In essence it gives you a stripped down version of our top pick which will cost less but still gives you the same functionality you would expect from a top brand like Fitbit.

You will be able to track all-day stats like steps taken, distance travelled, calories burned, stairs climbed, and active minutes. This also allows you to see your daily stats, time of the day and gives you an exercise mode with a bright OLED display. You will also get sleep tracking and the silent alarm feature and you are able to get call notifications from your wrist.

This will also give you the feature of real-time stats such as time, distance, and the pace you will need to keep to stay on track.

If you are looking for a different model for our top choice but you also want a Fitbit you need to take a look at this one.

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#4 Jarv SMART BT Bluetooth 4.0 Activity Tracker

Loads of features at a budget price!

Jarv are not a manufacturer you think about when you are looking for hi-tec fitness aids however this activity tracker is a serious contender. We have had a look at the customer reviews and if you are looking for a great budget option but you also want as many features as possible this might be the one for you.

This activity tracker will give you a built-in G sensor that will track calories burned, steps taken, distance travelled and hours slept as well as other personal goals you can set. You will also be able to sync all of your data wirelessly and it gives you Bluetooth 4.0 technology.

The Jarv Smart will also give you a lot of options with accepting calls and you will be able to see called ID, SMS, Email, Calendar and social media alerts from apps such as Facebook, Twitter and What’s App.

With the ability to set personal goals, view progress with charts and graphs to keep you motivated as well as giving you the ability to connect to I-GOTU fitness apps in the marketplace this is a serious option.

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#5 Misfit Shine – Activity and Sleep Tracker

Unique style and a GREAT price!

The Misfit Shine is another activity tracker that gives you lots of features and if you are looking to save money will appeal to you. This product also has a different style and can be used for a wide range of sports. You will get a halo of lights that show you how active you are throughout the day and it will track walking, running, swimming, cycling, soccer, tennis and basketball so you will be able to use for many sports. Another unique feature with this activity tracker is that you will not need to charge it and the replaceable battery will last up to 6 months. You will also be able to see the time and you get an adjustable wristband with this device.

The Misfit Shine is a great alternative if you are looking for a long battery life, an ample range of features and also something you can use without having to charge up.

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What To Look For In An Activity Tracker?

If you are looking for a good activity tracker it can be a little tricky. The ‘fitness tech’ market is absolutely jam-packed with activity trackers, GPS watches heart rate monitors and more. The problem is that with so many features promised and so many to choose from picking one that will suit YOU and your needs can be hard work.

This is where we come in. Here at Consumer Essentials we have decided to include a We have written a buying guide for activity trackers so you can see what we suggest are the main features you should be looking for in one of these gadgets.

Be sure to read the guide below as we explain the must-have features when you are buying an activity tracker.

Activity and Sleep Functions

The first thing that you should make sure your activity tracker includes is all of the features specific to what you will be using it for. A good activity tracker’s main job is to give you a complete picture of your health and give you the ability to set goals and then use the tool to achieve them.

However, we recommend having a think about HOW active you want the tracker to be, you can go the whole hog and get an activity tracker that will include a heart rate monitor and also a sleep tracker like our top choice or if you are just beginning you may opt for an activity tracker with the basic features of measuring your steps.

The latter you could use just for workouts and then get a more advanced tracker when you are ready.

So, before you start looking at activity trackers think about what level of tracking you need as if you go for one with lots of features it may have functions that you don’t use if you are just casual. On the flipside of that if you need a professional activity tracker you need to make sure you get the heart rate monitor and the sleep tracker.


After you have considered the features you need the display is a good thing to consider next. With activity trackers, you will find some with large LED displays and others with smaller displays. Neither one is worse in terms of function but it is all about picking one that suits you. We recommend going for a larger display like our top choice that you will be able to view and easily see how much activity you have done and also how much you need to do to meet your goals.

For the design and a large display, we like the Polar Loop.

Online Connectivity

If you are going to be using an activity tracker for your workout you need to make sure it has online connectivity. Most do, but it is definitely worth making sure, as you will be recording a lot of stats and building up a lot of information you need to make sure that you can record all of the stats. The great thing about having an online member’s area or ‘hub’ that you can log into is that you will be able to see all of your activity data at a glance.

This data will, of course, become more valuable overtime so you get an overall picture of your health and meeting your fitness goals.

So double check to make sure any activity tracker has an online ‘hub’ or member’s area. You can also find some that allow you to share your stats socially and even set yourself and your friend’s challenges so this is a consideration too.

Our Number #1 Recommendation: Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband

As we mentioned above briefly our #1 choice is the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband and we will explain why.

We will explore the main features that we think makes this the best choice for both beginners and advanced fitness enthusiasts.

Wireless Activity Tracking and Sleep Monitor

We like the fact that this activity tracker gives you a complete solution to get the most from your fitness goals. It will literally not need to be taken off as it gives you an activity tracker and the sleep monitor that will give you a detailed picture of your health overtime.

You will be able to monitor how long and how well you sleep and it gives you a silent alarm that works while it is on your wrist with a gentle vibrating motion to wake you up.

Personal Dashboard

Another feature we loved with the Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity tracker is the dashboard and this is because it will give you pretty much every stat you can think of that you will need. You are able to log in anytime and you will see graphs, charts and tools that will help you track your progress and give you a better understand of your health and fitness.

Accurate Activity Tracking and Progress Display

One of the main functions is of course the activity tracker and our top choice does not fall short here either. It will give you a great activity tracker with the main point being that it is very accurate and you will also get an easy to read progress display so you can see at a glance how close you are to your daily goal.

Check the price on Amazon.com by clicking here…

Our #2 choice: Polar Loop Activity Tracker

Highly recommended if looking for a different type of display…

If you are looking for something that is a little cheaper but packs in the features then we recommend the Polar Loop. The main reason that you would pick this over our top choice is because of the easy to read LED display that will tell you at a glance exactly how much activity you have completed and how close you are to your goals.

Here are some reasons to consider this one:

Great 85 LED display:

This display has many different functions such as the ability to tell your heart rate and for the activity tracking it will actually advise when you need to walk or run to get inline with your activity goals for that day. It is a great display and very simple but effective so if you are looking for something that will be simple to use, easy to read but very powerful at the same time you will love this.

Inactivity Alert:

The Polar Loop also gives you a great inactivity alert so if you are serious about meeting your goals and you want a ‘virtual fitness coach’ to stay on top of you and make you workout this well worth considering. As a default the Polar Loop will tell you to get up after 55 minutes of sitting down and you will also be able to add active breaks into your daily routine. A great feature for anyone that needs as much help as possible.

Mobile App:

Our top choice also gives you a mobile app but we think you will like the simplicity of the Polar Loop’s mobile app. You will be able to sync your activity and training details at the press of a button via Bluetooth.

You can also use the app to get a full picture of how you are sleeping, your daily activity, your overall activity and how close you are to your goals.

This is also a great activity tracker and you can check out the Polar Loop through the link below: