How it Works

Our mission is to empower consumers, helping you make better purchasing decisions that are based on facts.

How We Find The Best Products

We’ve developed Consumer Essentials to make things as simple as possible for you, just type the product you want in the search box and you will be instantly greeted with the best products available.

How do we provide you with the best products? Our unique platform collects hundreds and thousands of verified consumer reviews as well as product ratings, analyzes them and then determines which products are the best. You can see the results for yourself, by simply visiting one of our comparison pages.

When determining which products are the best, we use a whole range of data including verified consumer reviews, price, brand popularity, product popularity and product score.

How are our ratings calculated

We crawl the web for hundreds and thousands of verified consumer reviews, we automatically remove products which have a large percentage of low or negative verified reviews and we focus on the best products of any given category. Our algorithm then gets to work analyzing the data and building a table of recommendations based on information such as consumer reviews, product score, product popularity, expert reviews and social media.

We turn data into product recommendations

Once our algorithm has finished analyzing all of the datasets, each product is given a unique score which determines whether or not that product is recommended to you. As well as our product recommendations, we also provide in-depth consumer guides, technical specs, and user reviews.

Our Promise

We are focused on giving consumers the information they need to make the correct purchasing decisions. We only generate revenue when a reader clicks through to a retailer’s product page and makes a purchase. Therefore, we are no in the business of providing biased recommendations, our sole focus is to deliver the best recommendations possible.

If we fail to win your trust, we fail as a business.

We are in this for the long haul, we want to revolutionize the way consumers research products online, making it as simple as one search.

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